Top 10 Celebrities Who Spent Time in Prison

Celebrities can get into trouble too! While there is an assumption that fame affords a few get out of jail free cards, a number of celebrities have served real time in the big house for their actions.

These 10 celebrities have landed themselves in prison—for a wide range of offenses. Some of them have since reforged their careers and moved on from mistakes in the past…others, not so much!

Mark Wahlberg

In his earlier years before becoming a celebrity, actor Mark Wahlberg was sentenced to two years in prison after assaulting two Vietnamese men. He ended up serving 45 days of his sentence.

Tim Allen

Tim Allen’s trouble with the law took place before he gained fame. In 1978, he was sentenced to prison for drug trafficking. Allen served almost two and a half years before being released on parole in 1981.

OJ Simpson

O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of the murder of both his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman in 1995 after a highly publicized trial. He was, however, sentenced to 33 years in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping in 2008. He was released on parole in October 2017.

Lindsay Lohan

In 2010, actress Lindsay Lohan served two weeks of jail time for missing mandatory classes and meetings in the wake of her DUI. She had been in and out of rehab, and in trouble with the law, since 2007.

Wesley Snipes

Actor Wesley Snipes was sentenced to 3 years in prison in 2009; his sentence began in 2010 and he was released in 2013. The actor was convicted for failing to file his tax returns from 1994 through 2000.

Robert Downey Jr

Actor Robert Downey, Jr. served almost one year in prison after violating his probation on drug charges in 1999. Now, he seems to have turned his life around, and his fame as Iron Man certainly helped.

James Brown

The late James Brown, legendary singer and band leader, had several run-ins with the law throughout his life. In 1988, he was sentenced to 6 years in prison on charges related to drugs, and failing to stop for police during a high-speed car chase.

Tommy Lee

Musician Tommy Lee served 6 months in prison in 1998 for the assault and battering of his wife at the time, Pamela Anderson.

Mike Tyson

Professional boxer Mike Tyson was convicted of rape and subsequently served three years in prison in the 1990s; though he continues to maintain that he was innocent of the charges.

Jamie Waylett

Jamie Waylett, who is known for his role as a teenage wizard and Slytherin cohort Crabbe from the Harry Potter movies, was sentenced to 2 years in prison for participating in a London riot in 2011.

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