Top 10 ways to make a Date successful

So you have finally got a person to date but unsure if you’ll be able to impress your partner? Don’t worry we have a few tips for you, follow these and you’ll rock it!

1- Choose place wisely

It’s important to select a place that is peaceful. A place where you two can be open and enjoy with each other. Choosing a place also depends on the likes and preferences of you and your partner. If you have ample of time, you can start your day with a movie together. But, even the section of movie should be done carefully. However, you should spend more time talking.

2- Conversation is the key

Your main focus on a date should be to know each other well, which is only possible by talking to each other. It’s important to make right conversations. Make sure you don’t put up an emotionally heavy topic on that day, or anything that gives a wrong impact. Also ensure that you give equal time to your partner to speak up, just don’t dominate the discussion.


Don’t restrict yourself from laughing or smiling. Spreading positive vibes can prove to be an effective way of keeping your partner more interested in you. Avoid being sad, be happy and ensure that you keep them too.

4-Be romantic and expressive, but not vulgar

Being romantic with your partner can make them feel special. Shaking hands and touching them or sitting closely can make memories to remember.  Dress nicely, but ensure that you do not look vulgar or engage in sex on the first meet.

5-Surprise them

Surprising your partner on the first day can leave a positive impact and make them happy. Find out ways that can make them feel contented or bring a gift for them based on their likes. Even if you aren’t aware of their choices, don’t worry. Buy her a flower if she finds it beautiful, or a piece of jewellery, if she gazes at it.

6- Dress nicely

Make sure you take a bath and keep your body clean. Wearing good clothes can change your entire look. Do not wear dull clothes, ideally you should wear blue, red, black instead of yellow, grey and green.

7- Be you

Don’t try to impress them so much that you forget who you really are. Don’t talk unrealistic or of things you don’t have. Lying or Boasting can leave a bad impression on them.

8- Don’t use cellphone

No matter how addicted you are, don’t keep yourself engaged in your phone. It’s fine to attend important calls, but excessive use of social media can annoy your partner. Make them feel like you are really there for them.

9- Bring out your good manners

Do not forget to use words like Thank you, please and sorry wherever required. It can truly make them feel like you are an ideal person to date and stay committed with.

10- Focus on the date

Do not think of other things while you are dating. Give your time to them and make them feel special. Avoid thinking about your past relationships and talking about it. It can annoy your partner. If you are truly ready to move on with the person, then only you should be dating.

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