Top 10 Worst Hollywood Actors Who Cannot Save a Good Movie

Success and talent aren’t always connected, especially in Hollywood. There are plenty of talented actors who achieved fame on the basis of their skills and hardworking demeanor, but there may be just as many actors who accelerated to fame via some combination of good connections, appearance, and plain dumb luck.

Let’s take a look at the worst actors you’ll ever see in a major motion picture, ranked in descending order, moving toward the worst actor of all time.

Jaden Smith

The young actor got his start in the industry in The Pursuit of Happiness, thanks to his famous father, Will Smith. Jaden Smith’s debut in the film was moving given the sentimental story, but Jaden Smith hasn’t been able to give a compelling performance since.

His movie, After Earth, was torn to pieces by critics mostly because of his poor performance. This led to many calling into question whether he’ll ever give a good performance again. Now, all that he does is lurk on Twitter and fancy himself as the next Aristotle or Socrates.

Jamie Dornan

The Fifty Shades of Grey star has the same struggle as the Twilight actors. Many of them just couldn’t quite overcome the material they were given, but later blossomed. Jamie Dornan is still in the thick of it though, and many critics have noticed his co-star Dakota Johnson has been fairing better than he has. Dornan’s performance as the seductive and dark Christian Grey is flat and boring.

Prior to this, he had a supporting role in the TV series, Once Upon A Time, which was actually a decent role. Unfortunately, he gave it up for the 50 Shades trilogy.

Mark Wahlberg

You might think you like Mark Wahlberg’s performances, but check his filmography again and you’ll realize how few impressive roles he’s managed in his illustrious Hollywood career. Boogie Nights? All he had to do was look pretty and then act coked-up. The Departed? Be surly and curse a lot. The Perfect Storm? Look scared and scream over the sound of roaring waves.

Wahlberg’s career is defined by bland leading male roles wherein he’s rarely funny or has much chemistry with his co-stars. Look no further than M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening for a peek at what happens when Wahlberg tries playing someone more sensitive.

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson is severely handicapped by his inability to play anyone who isn’t Owen Wilson. His collaborations with director Wes Anderson as a performer and screenwriter have yielded some fine results of Owen in weirdo roles, such as Eli Cash in The Royal Tenenbaums.

However, the remainder of Wilson’s career has been filled with little more than mediocre roles played by a mediocre actor whose behaviors and mannerisms make it impossible to see him as anyone else. But hey — at least he’s not as boring as his brother.

David Spade

The actor typically sticks to comedy. One of his highest-rated movies on Rotten Tomatoes is The Emperor’s New Groove, which benefits greatly from it being an animated Disney movie. But most of his movies are rated “rotten” and that’s typically because his jokes don’t land.

Hulk Hogan

Unless you are The Rock, wrestlers really should try and stay away from Hollywood. There have been many wrestlers who tried to crossover into acting and some are successful. However, Hulk Hogan’s film roles never really strayed from the character he played in the ring. Hogan doesn’t have any range and none of his movies are well-written enough to make up for that.

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is definitely a hard worker given he produces, acts, and writes. But his success might be more about his work ethic than his ability to resonate with an audience. Perry is mostly known for his character Madea, who he has managed to base an entire franchise on. Madea is one of his better characters, but the role still doesn’t measure up and has typecasted him as an actor.

Steven Seagal

The actor’s work typically relies on his martial arts and fighting skills rather than his acting technique. He got by with the former for a long time, but later in his career he was no longer physically able to do some of his old stunts.

Hayden Christensen

The actor played Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels. Those movies were torn apart, especially the actor’s portrayal of the character who would later become Darth Vader. A big part of the problem with his character is that he was written to be a creepy petulant stalker, making it hard to believe he becomes the iconic villain we all know and love.

However, the role wasn’t helped by the actor’s stoic expression and weirdly soft voice. After being criticized for his performance the actor has taken much smaller roles.

Tommy Wiseau

The Room is one of the worst films of all time, and most of the credit for its ineptitude belongs to one of the worst actors,  Tommy Wiseau, the film’s star, writer, director, and primary investor. His otherworldly accent makes his lines unintelligible even when they aren’t overdubbed or nonsensical, and his fatigued face, which recalls a partially melted mannequin, doesn’t make his emotions any easier to read.

It’s no wonder The Room is Wiseau’s only feature-length role … who would cast him except for himself?

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