Menstruation is a natural process that occurs in women of ovulating age. However, it may become irregular or delayed due to various factors like stress, excessive travel, sudden weight gain, hormonal imbalance etc.

If you are not pregnant but haven’t got your periods on time, you can try out any of these food items to induce periods naturally i.e. without taking any pill.

1. Vitamin C rich fruits
Fruits that are rich in Vitamin C, such as papaya, pineapple and orange juices can do wonders to induce your period. Drink a glass of Vitamin C juice twice a day, and most likely it will be enough to get your cycle.

2. Ginger tea
Ginger is yet another miraculous edible that can induce periods quickly. Take a large piece of ginger and peel it off, now chop it and put in boiling water. Let it boil well, once you feel like it is dissolved well, seive and drink hot.

3. Jaggery
Jaggery is another heat-acculumating food that not just helps in bringing periods regularly but also maintain the level of iron in women’s body during mensuration.

4. Turmeric
Natural or wild turmeric (free from artificial colors), is another great option for women to get their periods soon. You can add turmeric in your warm milk or boil it in water and drink it from 3 days before your date.

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