Top 5 Best Watch Brands For Women

Women love to dress up -be it for any occassion or any party. They consider watch is one of their favourite accessories. Here are the top 5 brands of watch for woman.

1) Rolex

Rolex is one of the most famous brands which certainy carry a style statement. It combines technical precision and durability along with design. Even it is available in a variety of metals finishes as well. Moreover, its size can suit perfectly with the dress.

2) Chanel

This is one of the famous luxury watches which everyone loves to have it. Its unique design makes it different from others. Its classic Chanel look is perfect for woman. Even it provides more minimalist and androgynous design. However, the designers like Madame Coco herself and Karl Lagerfeld have liked the designs as well.

3) Cartier

Although it is best known for their Love bracelets and Panthère jewellery, the French luxury house has also started making watches. The unusual rectangular Tank watch which introduced in 1917, became a hit in no time and has been worn by many. Its slender and light, with sophisticated styling, gives  a touch of class to any outfit as well.

4) IWC Schaffhausen

This famous brand has been making watches for women since the 1870s. These models, however, come with two versions – in 18-carat gold and diamond as well which have Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous Flower Of Life illustration engraved on the back. This drawing, however, represented the essence of beauty – the perfect addition for any woman in their dress up.

5) Chopard

These watches certainly goes with personality and diamonds. The brand’s watches are known for their sapphire case and are truly dazzling design.This gives a feel like a princess and goes with any metallic jewellery as well as from the Swiss house as well.

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