Top 5 Colour Combination for Women

Everyone loves to dress up but choosing the right dress with perfect colour combination become difficult sometimes. Even the most expensive brand clothes would not look good if they are not matched perfectly. Following are the top 5 colour combinations for women to make your outfit look perfect for any occasion.

1. Yellow with darker or lighter shades

Yellow is one of the most neutral colours that can go with any shade. Be it dark or lighter shade, every colour goes well with yellow, including something in grey or dark shades like black and green as well.

2. Orange and dark blue

Orange and dark blue is one of the best dark shade colour coordinations to wear on any occasion. If you are finding it difficult to choose, go with the orange and blue combination which every look gorgeous.

3. White and red

Red and white is a perfect combination for any dress that can be chosen for any special occasion or day. When you are confused about the colour combination that has to be the right combination to wear, go for the white and red dress.

4. Blue and white

Blue and white combination can be used on any occasion rather at any time. It can be picked for any formal or informal occasion that makes you attractive.

5. Denim shades

Denim is the other shade which can be used at any time. Be it chilling or going out for a fun day or a picnic, a combination of denim shades fit perfectly with the occasion.

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