Top 5 footwear trends for fall 2019

Footwear trends keep changing every season. Even though some stay for a long time, we observe a lot of experiments with footwear every season. Shoes for fall are designed to be glamorous so you can flaunt them in style with your fabulous layers of outerwear. Here are the top 5 footwear trends showcased on the ramp this season for fall.


Victorian lace-up boots

Reliving history this season, the Victorian era makes a comeback with lace up boots. Being added purely because of aesthetic reasons, boots with race running all the way up front are on this season. Get yourself a pair and team up these classy boots with your trench coat and jeans and you’re good for your casual date.


Furry and shearling shoes

Fur basically defines the fashion for fall/winter. The furry shoes have been trendy for quite some time now and we all own at least a pair, be it slippers or shoes. Boots covered in shearling or fur are trending this season. Pair them up with your cardigans, jackets or even trench coats for the perfect chilly outing. If you don’t already own a pair, get yourself one because they’re here to stay.


Flared blocky heels

This year, for good the stilettos are out and replaced by comfortable heels. Taking comfort in mind, we witness these new thick and flared heels walking on the ramp. Get yourself a pair of these refreshing heels to stay trendy and also comfy this autumn and pair them up good with your casuals or even sassy dresses.

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Platform heels

The 70’s inspired platform heels have made a point that they’re here for long. With a little experimentation here and there, we are seeing platform heels with various textures all around. Take them out again this season and pair them up with almost anything. Depending on the texture, they can go with the most casual outfit like the flared jeans and also with your business formals.


The Mary Janes

Mary Janes are for the ladies. These classy shoes can be heeled or flat and meant to be carried with sass. For a special evening or a dinner meeting, pick out your Mary Janes and pair them up with your elegant dresses. Adding the contrast, these are also pretty great for the street style making you feel bold and empowered.


Studies say that the first thing people notice about your outfit are your shoes. Make that first impression last with your style.

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