Top 5 Indoor games for your kids

Many a times we cannot step out to play games, or in present times, when corona virus has hit all parts of the world, we are required to stay in and keep ourselves away from the world.

With not much work, and kids who are insisting on playing with them or taking them out, you need some to interact with them and engage in games that are truly interesting and can be played indoors.

Here are top 5 of them:

1-Tic tac toe

Remember the ‘O’ and ‘X’ we used to play when we were in primary school? Yes it was tic tac toe, and kids absolutely love it. But, people from any age can play and actually enjoy playing it. All you need is a pen and paper, and one person to play with. Draw two intersecting parallel lines, dividing it into 9 parts. One needs to choose ‘X’ and the other ‘O’ put your mark in any of the box, chance by chance and the one with three same marks in any row/column , horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins.

2-Hide and seek

Who says hide and seek can’t be played indoors? In fact, it’s much interesting when you have so many things to hide behind, such as beds, behind curtains or doors and rooms.

3-Dots and lines

The game can be played by any no. of people, with a minimum of two. It starts off with a paper with dogs placed at equal distance. Players need to draw one line in each turn, either horizontally or vertically. The one who completes the dot or joins the fourth side gets a chance to draw another, and mention the initial of their name into the box. When the lines end, the total no. of boxes completed by each player is counted and the one with maximum wins.


Puzzles aren’t just for fun but also for building cognitive abilities. It is perfect for your kids. You can give them a photo puzzle, text puzzles or sudoku.

5-Treasure hunt

Kids love finding hidden objects as well as prizes. Prepare chits with hints for each object hidden in the house. Place it on different location, one leading on to the other. A gift in the end would be a great idea. Also, place small gifts or candies with every hint, so your kid is encouraged to find the next.

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