Top 5 makeup don’ts for everyday makeup

Everyday makeup should be easy and quick to apply as you don’t want to spend a huge amount of time on it on a daily basis. It is mostly basic and neutral. There are a few essentials that we always use to complete the look. The point of it is to look fresh effortlessly. Here are the five makeup don’ts to keep in mind while getting ready on a normal day.


Keep the foundation natural

Don’t go too light or dark with your foundation as you want to look natural. Keep it as per your skin tone and keep the concealer only two tones lighter than your skin tone. Keeping either of the two unbalanced may make your makeup look too prominent and less natural. Keeping it as closer to the skin tone will cover the spots still making it look like there’s barely any makeup.


Lose the lashes

You do not need fake eyelashes for an everyday makeup look. Fake eyelashes are very prominent and it can be easily made out when the rest of your face looks natural. It also attracts all the unnecessary attention towards the lashes and makes your makeup seem unbalanced.


Avoid the darker shade of lip liner

This is one of the biggest makeup don’t for any occasion in 2019. The trend it outdated, lose it. Lining your lips with a darker shade not only makes the makeup look highly unnatural but also makes your lips look smaller. If you’re someone who can’t put lipstick properly without the liner, go for the exact same shade as your lipstick or the shade that matches the color of your lips.


Avoid going for darker eye shadows

Nude and light pink eye shadows can look pretty and even be the highlight of your everyday makeup look but try not to go for the darker shades. We all love the smoky eye look but it is not for the normal days. Wearing a dark eye shadow when the rest of your face looks natural will make it look odd and unbalanced. It does not help making you look fresh.


Don’t color in the brows

That extra and negative attention on the brows is every woman’s nightmare. Coloring the brows will make them look more prominent and stand out. Going for an everyday look means you want to look prettier naturally. You can however use the eyebrow pencil of the shade of your eyebrow hair and try to stroke it in a way that it mimics the hair. It will make your brows look fuller naturally.


Charming the world everyday isn’t easy but with these few tips in mind, you can do it naturally.

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