Top 5 Perfume Brands In The World

Perfume is the one thing which everyone loves to use – be it men, women or anyother peple. Here are the top 5 perfume brands.

1. Annick Goutal

Price range: $110 – $310

Annick Goutal is one of the members of the French High Perfumery and it also remains as one of the those few houses which have their own in-house perfumers. The brand provides a high quality and authenticity as well.

2. Arquiste

Price range: $165 – $185

This brand was founded by Mexican architect Carlos Huber. He used to be an interior designer for Polo Ralph Lauren. He moved to New York and it became International’s Best Fragrance Entrepreneur Brand and the Fragrance Foundation’s Top 5 Brands Launched in the U.S. as well.


Price range: $110 – $220

BYREDO is a Swedish fragrance house which provides a unique cultural references from South Asia. Ben Gorham, the founder of this is half Canadian and half Indian and while drawing from his mother’s Indian roots, he has made distinct scents that merge the East and West. Although the source materials of BYREDO come from all over the world, but all of their products are assembled in Sweden only.

4. CB I Hate Perfume

Price range: $80 – $210

There is a funny storybehind it’s origin. CB, short for Christopher Brosius, used to be a taxi driver who founded I Hate Perfume because of his passengers who wore used to have horrible scents. Out of frustration, he wrote a manifesto, where he claimed perfume as “a substitute for true style,” and now he creates custom-made scents.


Price: $190

CIRE TRUDON is known for its unique fragrances which trace back all the way to 17th-century France. Earlier, they used to supply candlelight to the courts of Louis XIV, Marie-Antoinette and Napoleon despite being represented by top luxury fashion agencies and retailers across the world.

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