Top 5 Reasons to Cut Your Hair

When it comes to changing one’s look, the first thing that is thought of is the hair. Granted, when you are used to a certain hairstyle, it is hard not to grow attached to it.

However, much like the human body, the hair grows, and there are chances that it may look unkempt. In all honesty there is no need to fear the hairdresser, unless he is inexperienced, or the rare bad haircuts. Here is why cutting your hair is actually a good thing.

  1. Let it Grow, Let it Grow.

Just like our bodies, the hair is constantly growing and that comes with a desire to cut it. If we can cut our fingernails and toenails to prevent them from becoming claws, we can surely cut our hair. Even when you get the dreaded bad haircut, once your hair grows, it will be all forgotten.

  1. Power

When you go into the salon, you as the customer have the power to choose how your hair will look. Aside from cutting it, the hairdresser can also style it in various ways.

To tell you the truth, there is wisdom in the words, “New look, new me”. This is because, it can be a massive confidence booster and you feel much cleaner.

  1. Experimenting

As mentioned before, you have the power to control how your look will be. You can either stick with the tried and tested cuts, or you can be super adventurous.

There is no harm in switching up your style, although change is scary, it can be exhilarating too. There are also a variety of looks that you can try, different cuts, different hairstyles, or if you want to throw all caution into the wind, dye it a different colour.

  1. Comfort

If you’re open and down for changing up your style, you might actually find that you feel that screams you name and defines who you are. However, the most important thing is to be as comfortable as possible in your new look than you felt in your previous style. But you’ll never know until you try, so the point is to just be brave and remember, “No risk, no reward.”

  1. Healthy Hair

Of course, when you cut your hair, it becomes a whole lot easier to manage. When washing it, it will be easier to get rid of potential pesky dandruff or head lice. Or sometimes, you can hold onto a style for so long that it ends up looking stringy and thinner at the ends.

So, when you cut it, it gives the hair a chance to grow back a lot better and you will feel good about it.

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