Top 5 Tips for Stay-At-Home Moms to Achieve a Work-Life Balance

Millions of moms around the world battle to find time to “do it all”. However, there is a way to balance being a mom and finding time for yourself.

There’s no secret “key” to balancing everything. The truth is,  finding a work-life balance takes patience and understanding of one’s true goals. This can be increasingly more difficult when working from home. With children to take care of, it can add a few extra stresses and hurdles, too.

So, what tips are there to maintain a balance between work and regular life, while at home?.

1. Make a real schedule

Schedules can be tedious and draining, however, this schedule needs to be tailored to suit a moms lifestyle. If you know that you’re going to get sidetracked during the day, create your daily schedule to accommodate that.

Allow yourself a bit of room in your schedule, you automatically don’t feel as stressed. When moms don’t feel as stressed, things just tend to go a bit more smoothly. Be sure to pencil in some time for things to enjoy throughout the day. When the schedule of tasks is over for the day, stop there, do not overwork yourself.

2. A phone has other uses than social media

In the modern day, moms keep their cell phones well within range in case of an emergency. Most people know where it is at all times, and there is the temptation to constantly grab it, read blogs, play, scrolling and wasting time.

Instead of looking at the phone as an escape, view it as a tool to help stay on track. Phones are helpful in so many ways that we often tend to forget their true function.

Simple things like alarms and reminders from your phone can keep working moms on track. Keep setting those alarms throughout the day and soon enough, you’ll start to notice that your mind will create a routine that you don’t even have to think about.

3. Outsourcing

As a mom, you’re always busy! You have a million little and big things to do. The best tip is to outsource the things that you don’t enjoy doing. The children can occasionally help with the chores. On the other hand, you can even use the phone to do things like order groceries, order take out if you don’t feel up for cooking. The world is at your fingertips, literally.

4. Find your limits and stick to them

You are not a machine and there is no point working yourself to the bone. All work can take a toll on physical and mental health and it has a direct effect on your work-life balance. The longer that you run around and wear yourself out without giving yourself time to rest, the more crazy and chaotic your home life will be. That chaos leaves you with less time to take care of yourself. The moment that you understand your mental and physical limits as a mom, you’ll find a much more effective manner to do everything.

5. Don’t worry be happy

When it comes to finding balance, you need to always remember to factor in your happiness and personal growth as well. Our minds are a beautiful thing and so it’s important to take care of them. No matter when you choose to do so, do something for yourself daily, even if you start with only five minutes. You’ll be amazed at how much more energised you feel. More than likely, your work-life balance will start to show improvements as well

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