Top 5 TV Shows for Women to Binge on

With the rise of streaming services, there are millions of TV shows at a person’s fingertips. However, there are specific shows that cater to either gender. So, which are the top 5 TV shows for women to binge watch?

1. Supergirl

It’s a fun superhero show with strong female characters in almost every major role. The show boasts of a beautiful and unclichéd coming out story, a queer relationship that hasn’t ended in tears, and two of the best sisters on TV.

It teaches girls that they can save the world in their own unique way, and that they shouldn’t be afraid to face their fears, even if it means stepping out of their comfort zone. Supergirl is the perfect show, because it teaches girls to never give up and to follow their dreams, no matter how long it takes. The show is currently in its 5th season and the hype has been building for the annual crossover, with The Flash, Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman, with an appearance from Black Lightning as well.

2. Orange is the New Black

It’s empowering; it embodies all types of women and showcases their real-life struggles that every women can relate to. It’s honest, funny, and dramatic.

There are so many strong female leads – women of colour, trans women, and women of all sizes and orientations. The backstories are nuanced, addressing issues like poverty, the privatisation of the prison system, parenting, being parented, and getting caught in an unescapable situation. It illustrates that nobody is evil and there are reasons why people are the way they are.

3. How to Get Away with Murder

No one writes badass female characters like Shonda Rhimes, and How to Get Away With Murder has a powerful, intelligent, and incredibly flawed female protagonist at its core. It’s full of suspense and packed with often harrowing drama, but fundamentally it’s a show about life experience and the deepest desire for love and acceptance.

4. Grey’s Anatomy

This show is a fan favourite and a must-have if there is a dire need for some motivation. It continues to be one of the most feminist shows on television. It shows that women can have positions of power in the workplace, and many of those women are women of colour.

5. The Handmaiden’s Tale

This show is terrifying, brutal, and will  make you sick to your stomach, but it is a must-watch. Everything in that show is something that has happened or is happening right now, and if we’re not careful could very well be our future. But there are bits of hope, in the ways that people fight tooth and nail against their situation, and most importantly is that we can keep it from being reality. While it can be a depressing watch at times, it’s a staunch reminder of everything that’s been done to women throughout history, how far there is to go for true equality between the sexes, and how fragile our current society is.

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