Top 5 Upcoming Youtube Musicians in 2019

The music scene has changed a lot since the past decade, especially with the rise of social media. Musical artists can pop up from just about anywhere, and the latest upcoming stars are from none other than Youtube. The likes of Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Pentatonix and many others all got their big break on Youtube. So, who are the current crop of Youtube musicians?

1. Sea Girls

With their energetic and anthemic tracks, you’re sure to have this group of Youtube musicians playing on repeat this summer.

Henry, Rory, Andrew and Oli, know a thing or two about experimenting. In fact, drummer Oli began as a singer and frontman Henry started on bass. Needless to say, they have since figured out the perfect formula.

When the humble lads of Sea Girls first began playing shows, they expected no one to turn up. Instead, they were surprised by packed venues and enthusiastic crowds. If that doesn’t speak volumes to the music they make, we don’t know what does. Their catchy, upbeat and relatable tunes even earned them their place as the only band named on BBC’s Sound Of 2019 list!

2. Octavian

Born in Lille, he shuttled between France and London throughout his childhood, eventually landing a scholarship to the Brit school – the performing arts school that trained Jessie J, Leona Lewis and Adele. But he dropped out and, amid friction with his family, became homeless.

“I didn’t have no money, but I still managed to eat, to live,” he told the Guardian in 2018. “It wasn’t the worst thing in the world. Once you’re there, that is your life. You can only look up, because down there’s nothing left.”

3. Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi has been releasing music for a few years now, but it’s his 2019 hit “Someone You Loved” that solidified him as a pop star. Seriously, even Camila Cabello covered it. Lewis is recognized as the first artist ever to sell out an arena tour before even releasing a debut album. He did later release his debut album, though.

4. Ava Max

Ava Max is a 24-year-old singer and Youtube musician from Wisconsin in the US. Max made waves with “Sweet But Psycho,” “So Am I” and “Torn.” In today’s fast-paced streaming culture where artists are releasing new songs every other week just to keep afloat, Ava Max’s label, Atlantic, is keeping her on ice until the new year. That could spell disaster for a new artist like Ava, but also great pop songs can stand the test of time.

5. Lindsey Stirling

While she rarely sings, she does possess other talents that are out of this world. Lindsey Stirling first appeared on America’s Got Talent, but was on the receiving end of quite a bit of criticism. However, she got her own back when she practically exploded in the Youtube platform.

Stirling is a hip hop violinist and even plays dubstep. After initially starting off with a variety of covers with her trusty violin, she then moved on to original songs. In fact, her latest album is, Artemis, after the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt. Her hits include, Roundtable Rival, Crystallize, The Upside, Artemis, Underground and so many more.

She even featured in the official soundtrack of the Disney movie, Pete’s Dragon. Finally, who could forget her number 1 fan, Phelba, who’s lifelong mission is to meet Lindsey Stirling.

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