Top 5 Useful Tricks for Smartphones

Knowing some smartphone tricks will allow you to do cool things with your phone. Most people only know basic phone functions. There are so many things that you probably do not know your phone can do beyond making calls and receiving texts. Some of the smartphone functions can be performed quickly through shortcuts. Here are few cool tricks to get the best out of your smartphones.

1) Silent Mode

Ever had nightmare of having your phone ring at inappropriate moments? Just the mere thought can have a person wishing they could melt through the floor. Even when you meticulously turn off the phone or put it on silent, there are chances of forgetting. There will also be that mini heart attack when the phone’s ring shatters the silence in church, at a meeting, in a theater, someone else’s phone during an exam, and you are the suspect.

To counter such moments, people can put their smartphones on silent quickly. This beats having to quickly unlock the phone, browse the settings and put it on silent, all while in panic mode. The trick is to press any side key (volume key or power button). It will be on silent instantly.

2) Voice Activated Wi-Fi

Voice command is all the rage at the moment and it it highly useful. People can use Google Now, Cortana or Siri to turn off your Wi-Fi with just their voices. All they need to do is activate it and speak the command clearly and voilá.

3) Use flight mode to reduce smartphone charging time

With the amount of time being spent on a smartphone, either talking, going on social media or playing games, low battery is everyone’s bane. It become’s particularly nightmarish when the phone takes a lot of time to charge. A useful tip to help speed up the charging process is to activate flight mode.  Flight mode turns off all background activities, including Wi-Fi and network, and uses less battery power, therefore, increases the rate at which your battery gets charged.

4) Use the volume button to take picture

Taking selfies without a selfie stick can be a hassle when you can’t tap your screen digital button to capture. However, you can snap pictures by long-pressing the volume button. This function is present on many Android phones and iPhones.

5) Improve picture quality using gridlines

You can enhance the quality of the pictures your smartphones capture by activating camera gridlines. The camera will take a perfect shot on objects within the gridlines. So, if you cannot afford an expensive camera, but want to do photography, this trick can work wonders.

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