Top 7 Amazing Smartphone Hacks for Every User

In today’s world, many are dependent on smartphones to perform a number of functions. However, there may be times when we are not using our smartphone to its maximum potential.

Most smartphones are user-friendly and don’t require a degree in rocket science to master. However, there are some things that people may not be aware of about their phone.

Even a tech-savvy person, probably does not know of every trick and hack related to a smartphone. So, here are some very useful smartphone hacks and tricks to solve common problems.

1. Faster Charging

With the amount of usage, it will be unsurprising if the battery runs down. Since using a smartphone while charging is not advisable, waiting for the phone to charge is a tedious affair.

However, if the smartphone is in Airplane mode. It will stop the network access of your device and boost the charging speed.

2. Get a Recycle Bin on your Android mobile

Accidentally deleted an important file or a photograph? Once you delete a file on a smartphone, it’s gone forever. You might need a special data recovery program to recover the lost files. But not anymore.

Simply activate a Recycle Bin on your Android mobile and it will save you from a massive headache. There is an app called Dumpster which is competent to safeguard the process of file deletion in case of mistake or hurry. All the files get stored in the app which you can later delete or recover as per your convenience.

Meanwhile, for Apple users, if they can back up their data on iCloud, it should not be an issue.

3. Use Smartphone camera as Spectacles

For a person having myopia, forgetting glasses at home is certainly a crisis. Without spectacles, he/she will not be able to see anything clearly in long distance range. As a result of which, he/she will have to take help of others especially while commuting.

In such cases, you can use your Smartphone’s camera and see things beyond your visible area. Just use the zoom feature of your smartphone camera and get an in-focus image of the surroundings.

4. Magical night lamp

Frequent power/electricity cuts are still a major issue in developing countries. Thanks to our smartphone, we don’t have to search candles and emergency lights in such incidents as we have built-in flashlight. Still, the light produced from flashlight is usually intense and focussed which could damage your eyes.

To avoid this, you can put a bottle full of water on to the Smartphone’s flashlight. And you are insured. Your magical night lamp is ready.

5. Check your remote controllers

Ever got frustrated when your remote controller doesn’t work? You are not alone. The remote controllers often malfunction when dropped from a height or the cell is drained out.

You can use your smartphone camera to detect the infrared signals of the remote controller. Point the remote controller’s end at the camera lens and press keys on the remote control. If the controller is working, it will transmit infrared light which will visible on the Smartphone’s screen.

6. Get 5x zoom camera

Most of the smartphones available in the market come with macro lens these days. Still, the zoom effect on smartphone cameras is not as good as the one with DSLRs or digital cameras.

Although there are various mobile camera accessories in the market to improve the zoom capabilities, you can get 5x zoom function at home for free. Just drop a single drop of water on the lens of your smartphone camera (Refer the image) and you will instantly get 5x zoom.

7. Hack to Save chords from damages

Disconnection in chords is a common problem faced by most of the smartphone users. Headphones, power chords, data cables, OTG cables, and other chords are likely to get damaged while usage.

Most of the time, the loose contact in the wires of the cable is at the end part. You can protect the ends by rolling out a spring at the end of the cables.

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