Top 9 Fashion Magazines For You

Who doesn’t like to sit comfortably on a Sunday afternoon reading a fashion magazine?
Well, surely almost everyone does! It’s just so incredibly satisfying and knowledgeable at the same time.

The Fashion world has so much of juices that go around and revolve around the fashion industry; from trends to lifestyle needs of most known people and trendsetters. We as people love to know about these things; from taking advice for relationships to getting the latest information of trends.

Hence, here is our list of the top 9 fashion magazines in the whole world –

1) Vogue –

First on our list would definitely be Vogue. For a magazine that deeply explores the world of fashion; including the people, places, and events that every fashionista and designer should know about, look no further than Vogue.

This is arguably the most famous fashion magazine in the world – it tops all charts. Voguewas first published in 1892 as a weekly newspaper that slowly turned into a fashion magazine. It was taken over by Conde Nast Publishers in 1909, whose focus steered towards women. With 11 million subscribers and stretching across 23 countries, it continues to dictate the fashion world and its trends

2) Elle –

Elle includes news and discussions of beauty, but also covers a variety of other issues that affect women. Politics, news, relationships, and other major topics are discussed from a woman’s perspective.

This is an French Origin magazine which was started in 1945 with the sole focus on women’s fashion. It means ‘she’ or ‘her’ in French. Having started in the United States; Elle is now published in 44 countries with a focus on fashion and all other things exciting for women. The magazine was based on the concept of women needs; what new for them , health as well as relationship to travel. 

3) Cosmopolitan –

Needless to say Cosmopolitan is very popular with young women and teens; to find their fav gossips and advises on all women fashion and beauty as well as relationships.

It is commonly referred to as the Cosmo; it’s a US based magazine which is the largest selling fashion magazine with more than 60 international publications. With 64 international editions published in 35 countries and 110 languages, Cosmo is truly global. It started as a family magazine in 1886 and slowly evolved into a lifestyle magazine by the 1960s.

4)Harper’s Bazaar

This one here is one is widely known around the world, originated from America. It contains all the talk about designers, events, Celebrity fashion icons, etc. Bazaar is headquartered in New York, the magazine is published in 32 countries.

It started in 1862, it is America’s first fashion magazine that targeted the upper middle class; by publishing content that is polished, informative, and thought provocative. From the latest trends and runway shows to fashion updates in both casual and couture, the editorial covers exciting content.

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5) Glamour –

It is a popular beauty magazine for women. Glamour is most famous for its cheeky columns, fashion advice, and stylistic photos.

Glamour is a women’s magazine published by Condé Nast Publications. Founded in 1939 and first published in April 1939 in the United States, it was originally called Glamour of Hollywood. It is your source for what matters to women now; from outfit ideas and makeup tutorials to celebrity news and politics.

6) Marie Claire –

Marie Claire covers everything from news and careers, to fashion and social issues, all geared towards women. It is known for sharing women empowerment and courage of women power. Originated from France, and later issued in other languages.

Evelyn Prouvost, a fashion industry legend, founded Marie Claire in 1937 to explore her insatiable curiosity for culture and lifestyle. It won readers from the get-go as her first edition sold over half a million copies; as well as the second one doubled the number. The magazine did not just talk about fashion, trends, culture, and art; but was also the voice of women in the rapidly changing times after World War II.
It has continued to grow ever since and is currently distributed in 35 countries and 24 languages.

7) Allure –

Allure is the main source for beauty info, ranging from expert hair advice to celebrity beauty tips. It also contains product reviews and other ways to improve your beauty regimen.

Basically, it is an American magazine, founded by Linda Wells in 1991; Allure went through an overhaul over the next few years in terms of cultural content; and vital (but straightforward) details like the sizing, etc. With an average viewership of 8 million online and over 5 million subscribers; Allure has enjoyed the trust of its consumers since its inception.

8) BoF – Business Of Fashion –

Business of Fashion is indeed a coming-of-age magazine started in 2007 by Imran Amed. It is the new kid on the block that garnered massive subscription and loyalty in a short period; right from students, editors, and stylists to everyone else who truly believes in fashion.


BoF focuses on content that is authoritative; and has an agenda that is rightly called ‘The Economist of Fashion’. If you are a fashion enthusiast who is interested in the inside stories; of what goes into making real fashion trends, setting patterns, as well as influencing the economy; BoF is the magazine you need to get your hands on!

9) InStyle –

InStyle offers a deep perspective of fashion and design, emphasizing the private lifestyles of very famous people. Topics discussed include home entertaining, as well as various aspects of style and fashion.

InStyle 25 years ago, was the head of content until Laura Brown took over a couple of years ago. InStyle is in 16 countries and is distributed internationally. Whether it is celebrity styling tips, hair makeover, lifestyle choices, or fashion advice that you need – turn to InStyle!

That marks the end of the list but of course there are many many more magazines. Hence, there is a truck load of these fashion magazines in the market. So make sure to grab yours and get the most out of it!

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