Top destinations in the world for the beer lovers

Beer is one of the most enjoyable drinks all across the world. Over centuries the drink has evolved leading to several unique brewed beer brands available all across the world. Different cities in world have different types of brewing making them particularly famous for their beer. Here are the top must visit cities for all the beer loving travellers out there.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has always been the city of beer, so much that it has an entire style of beer named after it – The beautifully sour Berliner Weisse. One must visit place is Brlo’s refitted container beer garden where they have on site brewing of the beer with young and cheerful crowd. There are various other famous places like Vagabund, Eschenbräu, Hops & Barley, Brauerei Flessa, Belgian beer bar Herman and more to visit in the city for their famous beers. The city also offers a melding of old German and Bohemian beer cultures added to the new craft.

Prague, Czech Republic

The capital city of Czech republic can also be renamed as the capital of beer. Surprisingly, the Czech citizens have the highest rate of beer consumption and even beat Germany to it. Prague is best known for its Staropramen beer having the largest brewery in the city. The best time to visit Prague for beer is during the Czech beer festival which is held in the month of May. This festival lasts for 17 days and offers over 70 kinds of beer attracting beer lovers from all across the world.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is the birthplace of Guinness, one of the world’s most famous beers named after Arthur Guinness. He opened the brewery back in 1759 which is now Dublin’s one of the most recognizable places in the world. Guinness is served in over 600 pubs here but even though Guinness is served here the most, there are plenty of other local breweries that attracts the tourists.

Recommended: “The black stuff” at the Guinness Storehouse.

Munich, Germany

Germany, undoubtedly wins the beer game. Another city, Munich is a must visit for beer lovers as it holds Oktoberfest. It is “the” festival for beer lovers with nine tents, a huge state fair vibe, and millions of people celebrating the amazing local brewed beer. It is also home to one of the best lagers ever brewed, Augustiner which you can enjoy anywhere in the beer gardens all across the city.

These places are truly heaven for all the beer lovers out there. How many kinds of beer have you tasted yet?

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