Top female fitness influencers on instagram to inspire you for those body goals

We keep seeing people with ideal physique all over the internet. Some might inspire us while others are plain deceptive. It is important to choose who to follow when it comes to this matter as it can have a negative effect on you and make you feel conscious. Here are the top five female fitness influencers to do nothing but inspire you to achieve your body goals through smart and hard work.

Michelle Lewin

With over 13M followers, Michelle Lewin is undoubtedly the best fitness influencer on instagram. She has come a long way from working at a small clinic in Venezuela to becoming the fitness queen on instagram. She has her own range of supplements and equipment and two fitness apps – Fitplan and Mealplan. She keeps posting motivational fitness videos to inspire you to follow her and reach your goal.

Jennifer Selter

Jen is a lifestyle, fitness and nutrition influencer based out of New York with over 12M followers on instagram. She is basically famous for her booty-based workouts. She inspires every fitness enthusiast out there with her dedication as she started commenced her journey to fitness at a young age. She first started in high school where she used to work out at a local gym and started gaining millions of followers from there. Jen has collaborated with several health and beauty brands and inspires women all across instagram to reach their ideal body goals. Her followers are very loyal to her and even started the hashtag #seltering which they use while posting about their workout.

Kayla Itsenes

Kayla is the founder of The Bikini Body Training Company and the author of a fitness book called Bikini Body Guide. This Australian influencer/ personal trainer has over 10M followers on instagram and aspires to inspire women all over the world to reach their body goals and feel confident about themselves. She is also super active on YouTube and posts short exercise videos regularly to guide and motivate you. Kayla is one of the names in 2016’s TIME Magazine’s list of the 30 Most Influential People on the Internet.

Lauren Drain

Lauren is a registered nurse by who took her passion for fitness to the next level and became a fitness star. She’s also a personal trainer and a fitness model. She started her fitness journey in 2013 and got so motivated that she went all the way and became a WBFF Bodybuilding Pro. She shares her workout and nutrition tips through her posts on instagram and often motivates her followers by sharing her story and the hard work she put in to reach where she is today in terms of fitness.

Though it is becoming more of a trend now but being in shape is really important for the body to function properly and efficiently. So, next time you feel lazy for the workout, check out these accounts and get inspired to reach your goal.

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