Top four brands to shop your hiking apparel from

Hiking is an adventurous activity that requires special apparel and preparation. The challenges you may face during the hike can be sometimes unpredictable so you should be ready for anything. The apparel you wear on the hike has to be tough enough to withstand any circumstance. Here are the top four brands for hiking apparel to ensure your comfort during the hike.



Patagonia is an American clothing brand for outdoor apparel. It is one of the topmost choices for the hikers. The jackets and clothing are tough enough to take care of your in the roughest of environments and ensure comfort. What’s even more special about this brand is the apparel from this brand is eco-friendly and mostly made up of recycled material. So now when you hike, not only you’re closer to the nature but you’re also doing your part in saving it. It may be a high end brand but you can get yourself a nice jacket without going way out of your budget.

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Columbia offers apparel for all the adventures out there. The apparel from this brand is of high quality, durable and stylish. Vouched by hikers, you can pick out jackets and boots from this company without thinking twice as Columbia is never to disappoint.


The North Face

The North Face is probably the best known brand for outdoor clothing out there. The clothing and gear is high quality and moderately priced so you can stay comfortable don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Not only the apparel is durable, it also makes you look your best.



Marmot is another reasonably priced brand for outdoor clothing and sporting goods. The clothing is tough and of high quality to withstand the roughest of conditions during the hike. Pick out an all-purpose jacket from this brand and you’re good to go for your outdoor adventures. It also offer strong equipment and tents for the hike, so while you’re at it, sort out your camping plans too.


The perfect outfit for a hike has to be comfortable and strong enough to last the entire trip. Spare out some time and go find the comfiest clothes for your unpredictable trip.


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