Traditional Chinese Books are now available on Kindle

Many e-readers in Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong and various other places; under the overseas Chinese communities; have been waiting for quite a long time for reading their beloved Traditional Chinese books.
Well, the wait is finally over, since Amazon has announced on the 23rd of May, 2019, about this launch. Here’s more about the launch.

The Announcement by Amazon about the Traditional Chinese e-books –

“Bringing Traditional Chinese language books to Kindle is a step forward on our journey; to provide more choice and selection to readers around the world,” said David Naggar, Vice President of Books. “Our launch today makes 20,000 titles instantly available to the tens of millions of Traditional Chinese readers.”

Kindle customers can enjoy several features designed especially for a Traditional Chinese horizontal reading experience; including custom fonts and the ability to search in Traditional Chinese on your Kindle device. Customers using the free Kindle app can also select their menu options to be displayed in Traditional Chinese. Amazon has also brought the same Kindle features that customers around the world love to Traditional Chinese books; such as adjustable text size and margin settings, sampling books prior to purchase, searching text inside a book, and Whispersync; so that you can seamlessly switch from reading in the Kindle app to reading on your Kindle device.

“We are thrilled to offer our leading book selection to Kindle customers around the world;” said Fei-Peng Ho, CEO of Cite Publishing Group and a best-selling author himself. “We’ve already seen great interest from our finest authors, writers, and scholars, to offer their Traditional Chinese titles on Kindle.”

But the store is not as finished as its Simplified counterpart yet; missing editor’s choice, book sales, pre-sales, book rankings and other potentially popular features.

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The Previous Scenario –

The release filled an obvious gap for Kindle; which debuted back in 2007 and has been growing the number of languages it supports over the years. 2012 marked a major step in its Asia expansion; as it began providing e-books in Simplified Chinese — the type of characters used in mainland China — under its China-specific site. That was a prelude to Kindle’s entry into China the next year. We will see if the same pattern of regional push will repeat for Taiwan and Hong Kong; where Kindle isn’t officially distributed at the moment.

Previously, people who read Traditional characters had to find roundabout ways to access the language on Kindle; such as buying Simplified content and converting it into Traditional using customized fonts; these became available since Amazon’s 5.9.6 firmware update. Of course, that’s a time-consuming solution riddled with all sorts of calibration issues in spacing and font size.

The Traditional Chinese store kicked off with a list of more than 20,000 books; that people can read on their Kindle apps and Kindle devices. For some comparison, Kindle carried some 60,000 Simplified titles a year after introducing the language.

Users can now find Traditional Chinese books on a dedicated portal hosted on all existing websites, the company says. The early selection spans popular authors like Hugo Award-winning Liu Cixin; and Chinese classics like Dream of the Red Chamber, in addition to translated bestsellers, including George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

The regional launch is also targeted at authors, who can now self-publish their Traditional Chinese books; through Kindle Direct Publishing and distribute the works to the language communities around the world.

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