Travel in order to fight Depression! (Part 2)

In our previous post, we witnessed why travelling would help a person in a depressing phase. Along with that we managed to mention a way as to how travelling helps one fight depression.
Here, we mention 4 more ways in which we can dodge depression through travel.

2) Meet new people

Loneliness is directly linked with depression, and the more lonely you are more are the chances that you will stay depressed. Yes, even solitude lovers crave to break out from their bubble every once in a while.

When you travel, you jump into an influx wherein you meet new people, right from your cab driver to hotel staff to other travellers and the locals. Each of them has stories to share, distracting your mind and letting it indulge in other people’s experiences. It is a distraction that will put your mind to peace for some good time. 

3) Travel gets you away from TV and social media

Part of what was depressing me was the attitude of people posting on social media sites and the constant bad news reported on television. These things gave a false impression that people are rude, angry, violent, and selfish. On the road, however, I met many people face to face, which made all the difference.

These human encounters while travelling almost invariably revealed the incredible kindness, selflessness, and hospitality of people. I struck up conversations with complete strangers and walked away with new friends. People I barely knew offered me places to stay and fed me, refusing to let me pay any more than a travelling story or two. Travel restored my faith in humanity.

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Travel in order to fight Depression!

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4) Travel with a good sleep pattern 

Insomnia is one of the first effects of depression; needless to mention that it has a very physical and evident connect in the way we conduct ourselves on a daily basis. Travelling puts you off your scheduled time with laptops and phones, making you explore more, put your mind to more interesting and varied work.


The drill starts right from the check-in rush at the airport; by nightfall, you are either ready for more explorations or are all heavy-eyed with that much exertion. One way or the other, you would be dead tired to not sleep at the day’s end. No sleeping pills required. 

5) The Natural Anti-Depressant 

Never underestimate the vast beauty and wonder that Mother Earth provides and its effect on us as humans. Traveling can cultivate a sense of awe; that we don’t necessarily get the chance to notice when we’re seeing the same places and people everyday at home.


Awe has a huge affect on our well-being and happiness; and this is in abundance when traveling to different cities and countries. Whether it’s diving in the Great Barrier Reef or trekking through great mountains and forests, nature has a very strong and calming effect on us. Being at one with nature may sound a bit spiritual and mystical but research has found it’s a real way of beating depression. Traveling creates an immense amount of opportunities that help expose us to more of what this planet has to offer us mentally.

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Navaneetha Suresh

Navaneetha Suresh

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