Travel in order to fight Depression!

Depression is never black and white nor is it just feeling sad and unhappy. It’s not something that you will snap out of eventually or will completely disappear when you wake up one day. Living with depression requires day-to-day management and is unique to every person. Understanding your own depression is paramount to receiving the correct treatment needed to support you through the journey, and what one treatment does for one person may not be effective for another.

But there is one way which might help any person, that is Travel. Be it a nature’s lover, a solo traveler, introvert, extrovert, anyone and everyone loves to Travel. Hence, here are few ways which tells you how Travelling helps one fight depression.

How does Travel help fight Depression?

While we agree that travelling is no cure for depression, it definitely is one of the most effective ways to help you in your fight against depression. 

travel fights depression

Although no scientific research has been made into the connection of positive effects of travel on our mental well-being, many people suffering from depression have spoken about the ways in which encountering different situations, people and experiences through travel has allowed them to overcome depression or help cope with their depression in a natural way.

Endorphins and oxytocin play a huge role in the chemistry of our brain and the way our mood affects the way we perceive ideas, thoughts and beliefs. By traveling, endorphins and oxytocin are released in myriad ways through different experiences we encounter. Travel forces the brain to make use of these hormones to improve our mood and outlook.

A survey was conducted that found traveling is a massive mood booster for people, with vacations and longer trips fulfilling that much-needed sweet spot, whether it’s to spend time with family and friends or to just get away and recuperate. That’s no surprise – everyone loves a break – but how exactly does traveling help with our ability to overcome depression?

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Ways in which Travelling helps fight Depression –

1) Travelling teaches you what is possible

Failure to be able to believe puts a mighty dent on aspirations. It can cloud us from seeing our true potential. Traveling can educate us in ways that no other experiences can, showing us that most of what we think is impossible is actually possible.

Traveling creates inspiration which can help alter our perceptions of ourselves and those around us. When you meet people who have made life choices based on what they want; not what society expects; this can help open up new ideas and beliefs and you can choose to think this way too. Or when you see people achieve, despite their roadblocks, it inspires you to believe. Or when traveling, you have the freedom to eat what you want, see what you want and do anything that you want to do; which sometimes depression doesn’t allow you to think about or attempt in everyday life.

Check out our next post in order to see the rest of the possible ways in which travelling helps one fight depressing souls.

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