Going for a Trek?! Don’t Forget These Essentials

Trekking is an experience worth having and everyone should go on a trek at least once. It is difficult but rewarding. A trekkie (not the star trek folks!) faces difficulties, challenges, and uphill battle (pun intended) but along with it sees natural beauty at its finest. At the end of it all, the view from the top of a mountain and the surreal feeling of success. I could go on but I guess you got the point. If you are going on a trek for the first time, here are the essentials you will need.

Trek Route/ Map

Always carry a map! It is your only savior when you are lost. Always make sure to keep a physical map of your trekking route. You might think your phone’s got you covered, but you would be mistaken. There may such situations with no network or low battery and GPS isn’t always reliable. This is particularly possible in the long-running hikes or treks.


Pack your belongings in a backpack. Keep the backpack light and organized. You don’t want to be carrying too much weight and spend too much time looking for stuff in there. Choose your backpack wisely, it should be comfortable, not strain your shoulders and balance the weight evenly. A backpack should be durable and waterproof (duh!) to withstand the weather conditions.

Trekking Shoes

While choosing a pair of shoes, evaluate your options on these 3 parameters – quality, comfort, and protection. Invest money in a lightweight, comfortable, sturdy, warm and waterproof pair of hiking shoes providing good ankle protection and a firm grip on slippery surfaces. You don’t want to say, “It could have been better, but my shoes gave out. It was a bust!” Shoes are important

Clothing Gear

Look for light clothes, not bulky but ones that keep you warm in case of snowy weather. Your pants should be stretchable, comfortable, dry quickly and have plenty of pockets. Your torso should be similar functionally. I cannot stress the importance of this point enough, your clothes should also be durable

First Aid Kit

I mean, it’s a trek, someone is going to bruise and scrape. It is adventurous, dangerous and a hospital is not always nearby when you are there. The basic medical kit should include- creams for burns, bruises, antiseptic lotions, bandages, band aids etc. So even though you are not a boy scout, it makes sense to be prepared for any sort of a medical emergency at all times

There you have it, you are set for your trek. Now put on your trekking outfit, pick up your light and organized backpack, set out to walk that trail. Let us know your thoughts about this article in the comments below!

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  1. Brilliant Am so overwhelmed. I am domiciled in Sjngapore -=54x 27n miles hahaha! Thanks a bunch. Take care

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