Trump Issues Order On Refugee Resettlement, Blocked By Judge

A federal judge has blocked the order issued by President Trump that granted the governments at the state and local level to effectively veto the rehabilitation of refugees within their territories.

Peter Jo Messitte, a senior Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, issued the order on Wednesday. The executive order was issued at the behest of three national refugee resettlement agencies that have sued against the President’s executive order.

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The executive order, people from the agency have argued, allows governors and county leaders to prevent the refugees from resettling. These agencies are now required to get the written consent of local and state officials first.  Also, they have pointed out that it is in conflict with the Refugee Act of 1980 that enshrines the federal way of refugee resettlement. Thus, the Judge said that agencies are likely to succeed in proving the unlawfulness of the executive order. He further stated in his ruling that the resettlement of refugees should go on as it has been for the past 40 years.

The government announced the executive order announced in November. Furthermore, the order would have applied to any refugees being resettled after June 2020.


Texas became the first known state to decline the resettlement of refugees. Interestingly, Texas took the highest number of refugee in the 2018 fiscal year.

Texas shares its borders with Mexico and so consequently deals with a disproportionate migration issue.

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Krish O’Mara told The Associated Press that the judge’s order, for now, puts on hold a policy that was inflicting “irreparable harm to refugee families and resettlement agency’s already”.  O’Mara is the head of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, Vignarajah. Thus, it allows refugees to be resettled in Texas. However, a governor’s decision to accept refugees is not binding on local officials. They can still refuse to resettle refugees. As many as 41 states had publicly announced that they would take in refugees. However, the Democratic mayor of Springfield, Massachusetts, rejected consent for the resettlement of refugees.


Trump Issues Order On Refugee Resettlement, Blocked By Judge

Trump has always emphasized the need for curbing down on immigration.
He has given voice to this rhetoric not only in his 2020 campaign, but also in his work as POTUS. His first acts as President in January 2017 was to reduce Obama’s plan to resettle around 110,000 refugees to half. Trump termed that order as necessary. It was to allow communities to refuse to take in refugees if they did not possess adequate resources.


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