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With this modern dating and modern woman, I am a little confused. Plus this bombardment of validation from these absolute simps on social media really does little to help.  This new definition of feminism has also changed the dynamics from the last 5-6 years. After escaping the emotionally abusive marriage of close to 2.5years, I have now given myself to experience absolute freedom again.

This freedom is to understand women. The woman I fell in love with not only tricked me into believing she loved me but also mind fucked in making me believe I don’t bring anything to the table. Whereas, I was the only one who was actually bringing value to the relationship. I was the only one giving and getting absolute peanuts or not even those in return.

This made me think and realise that there is a lot more variety, negative, toxic type in the women species than I was actually aware about. And women in general have a survival instinct in them. As men would go away to fight the war, it was women who survived and raised family. This gene actually comes alive as well when you are dealing with many of these modern women.

Most of these just want to latch on to the one who is the most successful man. Because all they want is to have an easy way by leaching out to his success for better today & tomorrow. We, Men, are the real prize here. The expectation of most women I have met and seen these days is that standard of living they have automatic increases after they get married or in a relationship. At the end of the day, what does a simple, happy man want; companionship, a friend, emotional mental support, cooked meals, a clean and better-looking house and sex & love? Is this really this hard to give ???

If you look at the bigger picture;  men literally change women lives. Unless you marry a woman who is above you in your career but actually loves you for who you are. That is a dream but it’s as rare as being hit by lightning and also surviving it. I have seen and heard women saying that I did not feel like having sex with my husband/partner. Unless your wife is narcissistic and withholding it to punish you, she is not feeling it or feeling pain in her heart to do it because she thinks you are not worthy anymore. She made a wrong decision as you are not keeping up the standard she thinks she deserves or she thought you would provide.

The point is that most of the women look for a guy who can provide them with moolah, pay for the play, giving her this and that. If you do not do that or face troubles doing it, she will wipe her hands off with you. Hence Divorce. Men or women, you will agree that women always have a backup. The day she decides to mess up with you it’s already late for you as a man. She has gone through all the steps in her mind plenty of times. Her BBD -bigger better deal is already waiting for her and you are in for the shock of your life.

Now when I hear that I am a great husband material kind of guy, I back off and think 5times before I talk to her again. This is where the woman is saying that “you can be easily manipulated by fake love, sex and talks”. Women are always seeking. They are always on the lookout for someone who can provide a bigger, better tomorrow. They are searching for the next prey. And if you are a gullible, weak kind of guy the hunter women will spot you. She will then use her traits, body to get you hooked as you can give her better life. This is what most modern women do. Use body and all her traits and assets to find a sucker who will over-value them.

These so-called modern uptown women have ruined the concept of marriage and will not waste a minute if the guy goes broke. She will just move on to another who can give them a better life. If a married woman starts getting this thought that she is better without you. She can find a better deal. she will not care about her vows. she will not even think about “death do us apart”. She will not think about “I do”.  If she sees her friend, relatives, tv that she can do much better she won’t stop looking around. She will get her hypergamy activated leading to divorce and eventually leaving you. She will just look to survive better in this world. She will want to find a guy who her bills, pay for her shopping, trips and she has to do nothing.

These women know exactly who is a good man and who is a bad man. She will marry the one who can provide by using her assets. And later on, ration the sex when he does something nice. Buys her fancy things, dinner at a good restaurant, holiday, etc. but this is transactional sex. A woman who loves you for real will not do that. Every woman who is on a dating market has let a man do sex for free. They know exactly who is Alpha and who is beta. Alpha gets the seed Beta provides the need.  So when a woman says I was not feeling it anymore. Or making love to him is like painful heartache it’s because you were never attracted to him in the first place.

So any woman who is being so demanding, acting nicely on occasions, not listening and still asking you to get married; DONT !. Do not do it. She is only doing it because she needs more from you than she is going to give. After marriage, you have given her powers and also to the Govt. to enter your life. She can disrespect you, ignore you, withhold sex and if you have to get rid of her then you have to pay her . She will start taking you for granted and will start sabotaging the relationship if you do not maintain her standard. So be in a relationship and slowly, steadily test her. If she does not clear the compliance test just get rid of her. I made the mistake and i suffered a lot.  If she is flaky then just get rid of her and get another female who is into you. Do not tolerate her BS. If a woman has forgotten her feminine traits then you are better without her than with her.

You grind all day and you come home to your partner who is giving you attitude. She ain’t hugging, kissing. She ain’t happy to see you. She just nags and complains. If you want to deal with that shit please be my guest go ahead. But if you want a good stable relationship then find healthy women. Who wants to fight with you for betterment. The woman who really loves you back.  Just like us men who sometimes adore beautiful women but stay loyal. She does and also adores other men but when she enters the house then all she loves is you. Mentally, emotionally. She wants to get old with you. Does not matter you have a Toyota or a Tesla, she wants to be with you.

Have you met such a woman these days !??? . Let me know…


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