Turn Offs for Women While Dating

Many of the boys out there might relate to being stuck on a date which is going completely perfect but suddenly the girl turns cold. You know that something has gone wrong but you can’t pinpoint at any particular thing. Though every girl is different and the way their mind is wired is different too, here are a few of the biggest turn offs for girls that may have pulled the trigger.


  • Dominating the conversations

This can be one of the biggest turn off for your girl as you don’t provide her the chance to speak and just keeps on rambling about yourself. Try to make two-way conversation with your girl and make her comfortable enough to share anything and everything with you.

  • Being too touchy

Though every girl likes to have some kind of physical intimacy with their partners, try to take it slow. Don’t show yourself as a creep by touching her on every opportunity. Always know how she feels about such things before making a move. Though friendly hugs are allowed, being sexual too early in a relationship can be harmful.

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  • Disrespect

Don’t even think of disrespecting your girl in any way. This is a modern world and here the girls can compromise with anything but their self-respect. Refrain yourself from making sexist comments or jokes which you think are funny because maybe she finds it offending.

  • Lack of confidence

Trust me when I say this that women generally don’t like men with low self confidence. If you are scared to start the conversation on your offline date, if you cannot call the waiter in the cafe, if you cannot call her a taxi, then she will think that you are not confident enough to handle her. However, make sure that you are arrogant in your approach towards her.

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