Twitter Announced New and Simplified Platform Rules

Social media platforms have to constantly update their rules to prevent misuse. Facebook has been making changes to avoid misuse of data and YouTube has also made changes recently to monitor the content being distributed on the platform. The microblogging platform Twitter is the latest to make changes to their platform rules with the intent of simplifying them for all users.

According to Twitter, their rules exist to help everyone participate in public conversation. With time, new rules have to be added and updated regularly which has led to the rules becoming too complex to understand. Citing this issue, Twitter has revamped its rules, making them simple to understand by re-organizing them.

Essentially, Twitter has revised its rules and documented them in simpler language. The new rules documentation is now 600 words long down from the previous edition which was 2500 words long. Each part now clearly describes what will be allowed to the platform and what is not allowed.

As you can see from the image above, Twitter has reorganized its rules to make them understandable for anyone who reads them and included. Twitter has also revamped the specific rule pages to include more information about how to report violations and details about what will happen when Twitter takes actions. With the overarching objective of ensuring user safety, the first step is to make the rules easy to understand for everyone and ensuring that the rules cater to all user groups on the platform.

When a social media platform has millions of users, it is a huge undertaking to alter the rules but it is good to see Twitter making the efforts to clarify its stance on common yet major issues while helping users understand their obligations and limitations of use.

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