Twitter could get rid of Like Button

Twitter was planning on abandoning the Like button. It is one of the more enduring and popular parts of the Twitter experience. They said that it could be removed but it will not be happening anytime soon. It has plans to redesign the site in an attempt to make conversations on the platform healthier. The feature was introduced in 2015 to replace the star-shaped button “favorites”. Brandon Borrman, Vice President of Twitter communications, also said it is not happening soon.

@TwitterComms tweeted saying:

As we’ve been saying for a while, we are rethinking everything about the service to ensure we are incentivizing healthy conversation, that includes the like button. We are in the early stages of the work and have no plans to share right now.”

Twitter users, however, were not happy with the development. They said, the “Like” button allowed them to support others and offer solidarity.

Like Button

Why Twitter wants to get rid of the Like Button?

Twitter users have been tweeting angrily over the comments Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, recently made. It was about the plan to remove the like button soon. Dorsey wants to improve the level of discourse on Twitter. It’s no easy task right now. Removing the feature does a few things, and not all of them are immediately in Twitter’s favor.

Twitter would do well to replace the like button with a voting mechanism. Facebook has its ‘Reactions‘, the voting mechanic seems a bit more on brand for Twitter as it continues to move from its original social networking platform label into a news product.

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Removing the Like Button could make Twitter more useful

Firstly, Dorsey wants a useful platform, that doesn’t mean it has to be addictive. Twitter could just have removed the impact Likes have on its algorithm. This move seems more aimed at the platform’s core values. Dorsey has been open about being held to account, reducing echo chambers and making Twitter a better place.

However, if people delete their tweets after posting them because they don’t get enough likes, that’s just wasting everyone’s time and Twitter resources. Twitter is more than a simple social network and taking some time to consider its role, value and future isn’t a bad thing. The world would be poorer without Twitter and there are no quick fixes with anything that has hundreds of millions of users.

However, if many people or bots like the Tweet, this can also help push it along in Twitter’s algorithms. There it gets surfaced in lists, in your notifications, and in people’s timelines because of its popularity.

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