Types of Fatigue One Can Experience

When we talk about fatigue, there are only two types that come to our mind; mental and physical fatigue. However, studies suggest that there are many other kinds of fatigue that a person can face on a daily basis.

Helper Fatigue

This generally happens when you over-love somebody or become a people pleaser. You are so much into others s that you completely forget about yourself. You drain all your energy on others as you put all your efforts and mind into solving their problems of life. This leaves you with nothing and you find it difficult to do something for your own good.

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Depression Fatigue

This generally refers to a situation when you are mentally tired with all the baggage and thoughts. All of us come with some kind of baggage. Many a time we start harboring negative thoughts that make us feel shame, numbness, or hopelessness. When such thoughts start overpowering every other thing in life, we call it depression fatigue.

Future Fatigue

We human beings like to think more about the future than living in the present. Almost all of us spend most of our time is taking tension about our future. We often tend to ignore our present needs and desires in a bid to work towards our future goals. It is good to work towards making your future secure but it shouldn’t overpower your present.

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