Types of Students in an Online Class

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic forced all of us to study through online means. This is a new experience both for teachers and the students. While taking online classes we all experienced a different shade of our classmates. Let’s take a look at the types of students attending the online classes. 

  • The Doubtful one 

They are the kind of students who have a lot of doubts and queries. “Ma’am I have a doubt” is the only thing they say during the whole class. Though they are generally the good students who listen to the teachers carefully, some students just ask doubts to make the teacher aware about their presence in the class. 

Online Class

  • The Excuses one 

These types of students just know how to give excuses. They are always ready with an answer on why they have not submitted the assignments or why they are not concentrating in the class. 

  • The Backbenchers 

They don’t have anything to do with what is taught in the class. These students just switch off their audio, video and enjoy. They join the class only for attendance and nothing else. 

  • The Poor one 

His/Her internet connection is mostly not working. They only have one excuse to make to the teachers and that is ma’am there is some problem in the network. Either they are not able to hear the teacher or the teacher is not able to hear them. Also, if they have a proper network, then their microphone and webcam stops working. 

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  • The Silent one 

Just like backbenchers, even they have their audio and video off. However, they prefer to silently listen to what the teacher is saying and make their notes. They don’t try to indulge in conversations or any mischiefs. They are present in the class to learn. Mostly, introverts fall in this category. 

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