Uber launches Quiet Driver mode in the U.S.

Ever entered a cab with the intentions of taking a nap but the driver seems to be in a chatty mood? You feel like asking him to be quiet but don’t want to seem rude. Now Uber makes this wish come true for riders in the U.S. by launching its most requested feature.

With a new feature called the “Quiet mode,” Uber now lets you decide if you want a conversation with your driver or not. The feature only available in Uber Black and Uber Black SUV in the U.S. gives the options to select “Quiet preferred,” “happy to chat” or “no preference.” This feature comes as a part of a new slate of Rider preferences along with some other new features.

Uber also launches other advanced features keeping the rider’s convenience in mind. The other new features include help with luggage and temperature control in the same slate as the Quiet mode. It also extends the waiting period of pickup to 15 minutes for the riders.

Although, the feature does give birth to some debatable topics as it would be considered inhumane instructing a person to be quiet. In contrast to that, Uber’s senior product manager, Aydin Ghajar reassures that the drivers had seemingly positive response to the feature as they prioritise the rider comfort above all. It took three months of extensive research keeping the drivers in mind to come up with the feature. Also due to employment laws, it can only be a feature to express the riders’ preferences to the drivers and cannot control the free will of the drivers.

Along with being a comfort feature, the Quiet mode can also serve as a security feature for women who often want to refrain from indulging in conversations with the male drivers. It can get scary due to miscommunication and because of the feeling that the driver is in charge.

Uber has not announced any plans to extend these features to UberX and Uber pool as of now. So, this can be considered as one of the cleverest measures by Uber to get riders to select the premium rides and improve their margins.

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  1. I believe the company is the right direction to ease problems from their numerious customers and this new directives will allow them to enjoy uber services.

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