UC Browser – Everything you should know (Part 1)

UC stands for Universal Control in UC Browser. UC browser is a popular mobile browser in China and India. Used by more than 500 million people in the world on their mobile devices, this browser has been used for years.

As Wikipedia mentions, “UC Browser is a web browser developed by the Chinese mobile Internet company – UCWeb and is owned by Alibaba Group of China. Originally launched in April 2004 as a J2ME-only application, it is available on a number of platforms including Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Java ME, Symbian, Windows Phone and Microsoft Windows.”

Perks of UC Browser –

UC Browser is available on several smartphone and feature phone platforms, but Google’s Android mobile operating system represents the largest user-base for the company, with 300 million of its 500 million total. UC Browser is compatible with a number of operating systems, including Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, Windows and Windows Phone. The main perks are mentioned herewith –

Android – Android represents the largest user-base for the browser, with 300 million of its 500 million total on Google’s mobile OS.[8] There are two versions of UC Browser available on the Google Play, including UC Browser for Android and UC Browser Mini for Android. It was once removed from play store but after one week it reappeared.

iOS – UC Browser for iOS was first introduced in 2010. Now, there are two versions of UC Browsers available on App Store, which are UC Browser+ for iPhone and UC Browser+ HD for iPad. UC Browser re-launched its original version in 2016, featured its ads block function. Latest version is 11.2.1.

Windows and Windows Phones – UC Browser 7.0 is currently available for Windows as well. UC Browser was released for Windows Phone in early 2012, and it is now the most downloaded third-party web browser on that operating system. Its popular features include Download, Incognito Browsing and Wi-Fi Sharing.

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UC Browser is considered as FAST and here’s why –

Three words – Cloud Boost Speeder.

UC Browser’s servers act as a proxy which compresses the data of web pages before sending it to users. This process helps load web content faster. The browser can adapt to same network environments and support multi-file format downloading. In addition, UC Browser has HTML5 web app and cloud syncing features. The main reasons are mentioned below –

Data compression –

UC Browser uses data compression which reduces the data which has been consumed during the browsing process. More and more work has been rendered as well as more compression has taken place since the year, 2006. When you request for a webpage, its first compressed by the UC browser server and then downloaded to your phone or pc. This compression reduces the size of the webpage drastically. 

Cloud Acceleration system –

The load being processed is not only quicker but is also smoother due to the cloud acceleration system which distributes the data from the servers which are closest. Also, it supports offline-viewing with the ‘view it later’ mode.

UC Mini –

In UC Mini there is an option known as ‘fast browse’. The load time of a webpage is mainly dependent on the amount of the JavaScript files. This JavaScript takes most of the bandwidth and size, whereas in Fast Browse, UC Browser do not download the Javascripts making it much faster. Sure, you will lose the looks on static, parallax and display webpages. But if you are content focused, it’s indeed worth it.

How are UC browsers useful?

Surely browsers are used for browsing or surfing the net but they can be used for much more –

1. Play Browser Games –

There are hundreds of browser games out there, including retro emulators of your favourite games of yesteryear. Kingdom Rush is one such strategy game that lets you battle against enemies of your kingdom. It may seem simplistic but the rich content is enough to keep you hooked for days.

2. LIVE Cricket Scores –

Everyone loves cricket! With the UC Browser you can keep track of the live cricket scores, be it International cricket or Domestic cricket, anytime as well as anywhere.

3. Redesign your Browser Experience –

You could try new themes for your browser by using UC Browser. It would give you a new good feeling every time you use the UC Browser.

4. Pin your favourite sites to your homepage –

Earlier, we used to type out the favourite sites but it is so outdated. By using UC Browser you can easily pin your favourite sites to the homepage.

5. Use of Extensions –

It’s cool to have add-ons that pretty much replace a majority of apps in the app marketplaces. From QR scanners to ad-blockers, there’s something for everyone.

6. Night mode –

Who would want to ruin their eyes by using the browser in dim light? Obviously, the answer is a definite ‘NO’. Night mode feature not only saves battery but also saved your eyesight! You need to go to the MENU and click on the night option. You can reduce the brightness to let your eyes adjust to the screen or invert the colours that present white text on black screens.

UC Browser Incognito

7. MINI version –

This is smaller yet powerful version available to the Android mobile phones. It not only requires less space but has powerful download features. It takes a maximum of 20MB space for installation which is much lesser than the UC Browser

8. Cloud Boost Technology –

This technology basically uses the UCWeb’s sever to boost the speed of browsing. This makes loading faster. You are allowed to enable or disable this feature as per your choice. This cloud system gets data from the server that is available nearest to it. This makes the loading time faster.

9. Browsing With Gestures –

You can enjoy browsing with gestures on UC browser. It is an add-on in UC browser. Save the gestures of your favourite website and you can visit them by drawing those gestures. Click the gesture icon on the UC browser and draw the gesture of the website you intend to visit by your finger. Then you will be able to see the magic. You can also switch tabs in UC browser by using gestures. Similarly, you can open the tabs or close them by simply swiping up or down.

10. Multiple Languages –

As this browser has more than 400 million users this means people of different countries having different languages would be using it. Thus this product is available in multiple languages. It can be used in almost 11 languages. You can enjoy it on all popular OS also. These OS include: Android, Blackberry, IOS, Windows and Symbian.

11. Downloads in the Background –

When you quit your UC browser, the download process will keep on going. It won’t top on closing the browser. If this downloading process becomes disconnected by Wi-Fi connection then it will resume whenever the connection becomes stable.

12. U-Disk –

UC browser gives you a great support in case of low or limited storage. If you are unable to save your files because of low storage on your phone then you can use U-Disk. UDisk is a cloud service that stores your data in the cloud. Thus you can save your download in the cloud storage.

13. Optimized Preloading –

In optimized preloading, the next page is preloaded when you are reading a web page on the UC browser. When you are about to compete reading your current page and you are on the end of that page, the next page loads up. In this way, it provides an excellent reading experience to its users.

14. Wi-Fi Sharing –

With the Wi-Fi sharing feature of UC browser, you can share the downloaded files with other devices on your WIFI. File transfer becomes much easier.

15. Ad blocking Feature –

Many internet users use ad blockers to block the annoying ads. Another reason of this is to get to the faster Internet connection. UC browser provides powerful ad blocking features with which you can block the ads and browser, even more, faster than before.

16. Incognito mode –

When you want to go in stealth mode to avoid leaving a trace, going incognito is a great way to stay safe and keep those pesky cookies away from data thieves. This mode is indeed very useful.

17. Fast Browsing –

You could open UC Browser instantly. An important stats to be noted is that UC Browser opens 15% faster, hence you would always be ready to browse. Faster delivery and presentation of web pages by compressing web pages on the server, and preloading pages in the background.

18. Facebook Friendly –

Easily Tag Friends in Facebook. By using UC Browser, you can easily tag your friends on your Facebook photos and browse Facebook faster.

19. Saves Data –

It has been proven that UC browser saves up to 79% percent more data than Chrome and Firefox when 1000 MB of web pages were loaded.

20. Video Grabbing –

A lot of people in India don’t have access to Wi-Fi and Cellular Data is expensive and slow (relatively, keeping in mind other countries’ networks). Owing to that Indian users prefer downloading videos rather than streaming them every time.

21. Lite-View –

UC browser has the capability to render fully-functional revamped pages more suitable for slow networks (or 2g network in general when not everyone can afford 3g).

22. Word-of-mouth advertising –

When Android phones had just arrived in India, there were only two alternatives for proprietary web browsing, Opera and UCB.

23. No refresh while Switching Tabs –

Does not refresh pages each time I switch tabs, while in every other browser pages need to be refreshed.

24. Automatic Wrap Text –

Wrap text automatically when zoom, you don’t need to scroll right and left to read, some other browser also support this but on them, you have to click on specific paragraph to make it work, sometimes it gets frustrating.

There are some cons as well, like news notifications, which pop up even if the option is disabled. Also, the security and privacy features are questioned time and again but the latest version has improved that.

Note :- Few features are present in other Browsers as well but Not all browsers have all the above features. Whereas UC Browser very much does!

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