UC Browser – Everything you should know (Part 2)

How to download, Install and use UC Browser apk for android?

Before mentioning the steps involved in downloading the UC Browser apk, let’s go through the perks of the UC Browser apk once again –

Boost Download Speed up to 150% than normal browser.

Fastest Web Browsing Experience.

Block Annoying ads and viruses on websites.

Data Saver – Save up to 80% of data.

Now, let’s find out the details for downloading as well as installing this apk by following the below mentioned steps :-

For Android / iOS :-

Step 1) Firstly, one must download the UC Browser apk file from android play store (click on the following link to do so – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.UCMobile.intl&hl=en or you can click here

For a direct installation of the UC Browser apk file, click – https://vidmate-apk.com/ucbrowser-download-apk/ )

Step 2) To install the Uapk file, just tap on the above mentioned link and select INSTALL.

NOTE – If this is the first time of installing an apk file then you must allow installation of apps from UNKNOWN SOURCES in your settings option or menu.

To do this particular process in your android mobile phone, one must first go to SETTINGS > then to APPLICATION SEETINGS > Tick on UNKNOWN SOURCES and make sure to unable the option > Click on INSTALL on the apk file mentioned earlier > Launch it.

For newer mobile phones, you would have to go to SETTINGS > Click on SECURITY > Scroll down to find UNKNOWN SOURCES > Enable the option and then INSTALL the apk file.

Step 3) Once the apk file is installed, click on the icon in order to launch it.

For PCs :-

Step 1) Firstly, one must download the UC Browser apk file by clicking in the link mentioned here – Download UC Browser for PC )

Step 2) Launch the downloaded setup file mentioned in the previous step.

Step 3) Click on INSTALL and wait until the installation is completed. Note that the required files are also downloaded at this installation time.

Step 4) Open the UC Browser icon on your PC or Windows and start with your browsing!

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Few Statistics about UC Browser :-

UC Broser stats

This browser is considered to be the number one browser in Asia and the second most popular one worldwide.

UC Browser claimed to have reached 500 million users in March 2014, a rise attributed to its large user base in China, India and Indonesia.

In October 2012, UC Browser topped Opera in Google Play’s free Android app download category in India for the first time. According to a third-party web analytics firm, StatCounter, this Browser surpassed Opera as India’s top mobile browser with 32.82 percent of the market share to Opera’s 26.91 percent.

Google Zeitgeist 2013 showed that the “Most Searched Mobile Apps” in India were dominated by messaging and browsing apps, with WhatsApp and UC Browser topping the rankings for the most searches on mobile in 2013.

UC Browser had more than 100 Million monthly active users in 2016.

In May 2015, a research group named Citizen Lab published news about leaking of privacy details of several UC browser users. The lab tested two versions of UC Browser, one English and the other Chinese. The report pointed out that English version of UC Browser “seems to implement encryption consistently”.

UC browser is basically a mobile browser that was introduced in 2004. The creator of this browser is UCWeb. UCWeb is a Chinese company. UCWeb has more than 65% market share and is regarded as the number one company in China.

Advantages of the UC Browser :-

Here are few advantages of using the UC Browser compared to other browser options :

#1- It is simple and easy to browse information which you would require at any time or anywhere.

#2- There is no need of any other separate manager in particular, since this is a fast download manager by itself.

#3- It would store the data which you had downloaded in your earlier browsing experience; hence you wouldn’t have to waste time in order to search for the particular file or waste data in reloading.

#4- It works fast enough even on a 2G internet connection.

#5- Different features, as mentioned earlier, are available like gesture feature, site bookmarks, etc.

#6- It helps in downloading all the pages along with other downloads in the background automatically.

#7- It helps in the process of blocking unwanted popups of the advertisements which is in fact a default add-on.

#8- The Night-mode option, as mentioned earlier saves the battery.

#9- It allows to copy, cut, and paste as well as edit text on the web sites or the webpages.

#10- UC Browser apk is an efficient as well as a low cost app which makes it a powerful option.

Disadvantages of UC Browser :-

Finally, although the Browser has its advantages, but there are few disadvantages as well. This disadvantages are mentioned below :

#1- It isn’t accessible for a long duration of time on larger webpages.

#2- At times, it would have slow browsing network depending on the network facility available.

#3- One of the main con as mentioned earlier under ‘uses’ is its security or privacy. It basically fails to have any sort of a privacy system in order to provide a secure web browsing experience.

#4- At times, when you require to just download a particular file without installing it, the UC Browser automatically installs the file.

#5- Since the data is not secure enough, hence it would be used by cyber criminals, hackers, etc.

Hence, we can say a verdict that though there are many competitive browsers out there; but this free browser saves more than 70% of the data than any of the other famous browsers.

So without any doubt, with all the various uses of the UC Browser mentioned in this article, it is indeed a smart browser option.

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