UK Foreign Secretary Says Taking The Knee Is From Game Of Thrones

Protests against police brutality and racism that started in the USA have spread to other countries. Similar protests have been seen in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, and many more. However, this isn’t the first time that the world is witnessing anti-racism protests. People have been protesting in their own ways for years and years. A huge part of this protest is kneeling. This act made the news in 2016 when NFL player Colin Kaepernick bent his knee during the national anthem.

Thus, this simple act of kneeling has a history attached to it. However, there are some who choose to ignore that history.

The Foreign Secretary from the UK is one of them.

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UK Foreign Secretary Says Taking The Knee Is From Game Of Thrones


Dominic Raab, the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, spoke to talkRADIO about the ongoing protests. He said that he believed the act of taking the knee was a pop-culture reference.

“On this taking the knee thing, which I don’t know, maybe it’s got a broader history. It seems to be taken from the Game of Thrones, feels to me like a symbol of subjugation and subordination.”

He added –

“But I understand people felt differently about it, so it’s a matter of personal choice.”

The interviewer asked him if he would kneel in solidarity with the protestors –

“I take the knee for two people; the Queen and the Mrs. when I asked her to marry me.”

As is expected, Raab received major backlash for his comments.

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Ed Davey, the Acting head of the Liberal Democratic Party tweeted –

“The fact our Foreign Secretary, who is also now going to be in charge of our aid budget, is totally ignorant about a global movement against racism is as shocking as it is concerning.”

Member of Parliament Diane Abbot explained the significance of the act –

“”Taking the knee” began in 2016 with American athletes refusing to stand for US national anthem. They were protesting police brutality and racism. But @DominicRaab thinks it comes from Game of Thrones!!!”

Raab has since issued a statement about his comments. Even though he did not apologize, he said that has respect for the movement.

“To be clear: I have full respect for the Black Lives Matter movement, and the issues driving them. If people wish to take a knee, that’s their choice and I respect it. We all need to come together to tackle any discrimination and social injustice.”

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