UK Police Releases Two Suspects Arrested at Gatwick Airport

Both the suspects have now been released and police is continuing with the investigation.

A drone flight at London Gatwick airport led to the rest of a 47-year-old man and a 54-year-old woman. These two individuals were arrested on Friday in connection with flight disruption at the airport as told by Sussex police. In regard to this, government restricted flying drones near airport area.

The police spotted a drone flying in the area that led to the suspension of flights through Friday, which is quite a busy day at the second largest airport in England. However, the airport authorities diverted the flights to several other airports so as to keep the traffic uninterrupted. In order to tackle it, the British army set up an Israeli-based drone defence system named “Drone Dome”. The flights could only continue with their normal routine once the device’s radio signals- intercepted by the authorities.


Police states no relation with the terrorism

Sussex police arrested this pair on “suspicion of disrupting services of civil aviation aerodrome to endanger or likely to endanger the safety of operations or persons,” and could not identify these two. The Guardian mentioned that the event does not hold any relation to any terrorist activity as investigated. At the same time, authorities made clear that “an environmental protest was a possibility.” (source)

Such activities end up taking a toll on the airport management and lead to various disruptions. Police officials carried out a thorough investigation to reach the conclusion of releasing the pair.

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Police recovered a damaged drone: investigation remains ongoing

Later that day, police recovered a drone near the Gatwick Airport and further continued the investigation with the suspects. The drone found in a damaged state and kept as an evidence for the case. Authorities released both the individuals after being “satisfied that they are no longer suspects in the drone incidents at Gatwick”. Sussex police also made a remark that these two remained cooperative throughout the investigation and the questionnaire that they went through.

Although both the suspects of the events- released by police, the investigation still remains ongoing. Authorities are yet to find out if there’s anything that might need further actions to be taken.

Airport security could finally return to normal

The airport security saw a hike immediately after this event and the arrest. However, it eventually returned back to normal once the pair released. Even after the release of the suspects, the final verdict on this case is yet to come.

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