UK To Veto Against Russia Being Readmitted To G7

In 2014, then-President Barack Obama and other world leaders decided to remove Russia from the group of leading industrialized nations, the G8.

Russia’s removal was directly linked to its annexation of Crimea.

However, there are now talks of re-admitting the country to the G7.


US President Trump announced the postponement of the annual G7 summit, which was due to be hosted in the U.S. in June, until September.

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This decision was made after the German chancellor refused to attend the summit due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The federal chancellor thanks President Trump for his invitation to the G7 summit at the end of June in Washington. As of today, considering the overall pandemic situation, she cannot agree to her personal participation, to a journey to Washington,” German government spokesman Steffen Seibert told POLITICO.

He also announced that he planned to invite four additional non-member nations including Russia.

“I don’t feel that as a G7 it properly represents what’s going on in the world.”

He added –

“It’s a very outdated group of countries.”

Speaking to reporters aboard an Air Force One flight to Washington, he said that he plans to expand the annual meeting of the world’s most economically advanced nations to include Australia, India, Russia and South Korea.

However, UK announced that it would veto any efforts to admit Russia back to the group.

Decisions on G7 membership are subject to the unanimous backing of all members.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesperson said they would veto efforts for Russia’s readmission –

“unless it ceases aggressive and destabilizing activity that threatens the safety of U.K. citizens and the collective security of our allies.”

They added –

“We are yet to see evidence of changed behavior.”

However, they did not have a problem with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s presence at the summit as a guest.


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