Unrealistic Expectations of Modern Women

Women of today for some reason is angry. Frustrated so much in believing all men are stupid. But if we all are stupid then why you want one in life. The understanding of a women who is especially single has literally gone down the drain. Even in the ones in healthy relationships go on to jeopardize or self sabotage because of these insane expectations from the man .

Looking at my past and especially since Nov 2019 when I decided to walk away from my LTR , women I have seen,met and dealt with have very unrealistic expectations.

So here are 10 Crazy Expectations I have come across (Girls aged 22-33) of today :

1) If you do not love me at my worst , you do not deserve me at my best : This phrase actually has been

taken from sports world . Where football clubs write this for fans who do not support them when form is down. But women have taken this and changed its entire meaning. They use this so that man can keep his blinders on . She can keep all her bad behaviours , tantrums and does not fix anything. The expectation is for the man to accept all her flaws, insane weight gains, giving befitting replies. But if man does the same; gains weight and have bad office day,etc he would not be pampered. Instead, she will get angry and play victim because you did nothing to fix yourself.

But you do not get to do that at all. You need to love her , pamper her no matter what. And if you leave her , it will be only & only your fault. This Phrase means , it will be you,you and only you who has to do everything . She would not and cannot be held accountable for anything.

2)  Be a Psychic Guru : As you know if you have read my previous articles as how much I focus on

communication. But women these days would not do that. They have pretty hard time expressing. They for some reason cannot express feelings . They will hide these due to hubrism they have developed. They will not follow the traditional way to sit & talk . Instead, they want a man who has these psychic abilities to understand everything. A man should be able to understand why she is angry or why she is giving silent treatment.

I remember in my recent fling and even in my LTR , asking “is there anyway I can help? . Can I do something to make you feel better?” . But this made all of them even more angrier,frustrated and resulted in even longer silent treatment. Somehow they want a man who can read mind. I don’t remember even one of them saying ,”we need to talk”. They want a man who should share and tell them everything. Express all his feelings and serve them on a platter . A woman on the other hand can withheld everything and her expressing ways can be non-existent. They keep forgetting a basic fact ,i.e- The man who loves you would at least try to resolve everything he can for you. All you need to do is to TELL HIM.

3) Protect me,Pay for me, Provide for me but Remain my Equal : This is the most insane hypocratic

 expectation women of today have. The man needs to do all of that and allow me to be independent financially and do whatever the hell I want. This is the mindset of most women of today. In my LTR , I was doing all the P’s but the day I asked her to contribute and share , we had a huge fight.  

A man should provide roof over their head, put food on the table , pay all the bills and tabs . But they will not listen to him . They will do what they want and can wear what they want .  Women of today needs to understand a fact here. When a man is paying for everything in the house , he will have a say in everything you do at least 9/10times.  The way you behave, the way you dress,etc etc. No man will take a woman who can talk him down , plan girl trips all the time and all crazy stuff without him. You have to listen to him. 

But you will not do any of that . Instead ; Have a big mouth ,want him to pay bills and stay Independent. If you want to stay Independent , then stay independent and pay for your own half.  If you want a man and stay under the roof who takes care of you then you need to cooperate. You have to listen to him, take care of him,give him shoulder when needed. You have to learn to follow his leadership and the blueprint he has. You are most welcome to sit and ask him to modify but stop dictating or it will not work.  You cannot just do whatever you want and say I am INDEPENDENT and have all other expectations from him.

4) Listen to your woman but do not speak the uncomfortable truth :  The woman of today has an opinion

 on everything and it is good. But the problem starts to happen when you yourself have one . If you are the guy who will correct her or advise against the choice , you might have a big problem.  She can do her rant about something in the office, about some family member or a friend. And as Mr.Fixes , if we give her a constructive criticism , you might open pandora’s box. She will say you are not on her side and even to the extent of believing we are not aligned and compatible. 

Most of the woman of today are looking for therapy and not strategy. They want you to say exactly what makes them feel happy and not otherwise.  They want your feelings and not facts .  Say what she wants to hear and you are a Disney Charming man . Say it otherwise and you are heartless, emotionless and do not understand her at all type of a man .

5) He Should know Signal/Sign Language – Just like reading the mind this one is as fucked up . They want us to

read signs they give in different situations. Every time she gives us a signal about anything we should be able to pick it up. For example – If she is looking at a dress for more than 30 seconds then it means she wants to have it.  A lot many woman of today expect a man to read her signals even when she wants to talk. She wants to talk so she should go ahead . But she will not because it’s the duty of the man to do it. And when a man does walk upto her she will reject him or even insult him.  How are we suppose to read their mind ?

A woman of today can have this expectation from a man to read everything and she can just sit back and relax. Man is being judged for everything but if you do that then you are a low level human being.

6) Priority –  Most woman of today want a man who gives them space and let them be . But at the same

time , she should be his priority. No problem ! .  But she can do whatever she wants to do alone , go out with gf’s,plan trips just by herself . Man on the other hand cannot do all these because then he has to prove his loyalty, love and his priority .

His Priority list should be : WIFE , PARENTS,FRIENDS, WORK, Maybe himself.

Her Priority list is : Herself,Friends,Work,Self-care,Dog, House,Husband,Maybe his parents

7) Pay at Date and she decides whether we meet again or not –  The man of today is just suppose to be

an ATM . He is suppose to pick you up , plan the date , pick up the tab , watch you eat , make you laugh,get a gift  and then you decide whether to meet him again or not.  What sort of a ridiculous expectation is that. Why a woman should not atleast get him something on the date. Why cannot she even offer to pay for the tip .

A woman does not want to give anything to the man till 3rd or 4th date . You want a man to live the lifestyle of 1960″s where he has to be super chivalrous but you at the same time want 2080 lifestyle. If you are so modern,independent and straight forward then when a man has paid for everything be courteous and give atleast a make-out session.  But you will not do that. Independent woman has an expectation from the man to pay for everything and after 5th date still has the right to tell him to get the F*** off . Why !? . Because she has found another man to keep her happy for the next 5 or she is not feeling the vibes .

WTF modern independent woman !?

8) You need to perform in bed like MIKE ADRIANO everytime –  The sex has just become

different meaning to many modern woman . It’s not your emotional practicing monogamy state anymore. All you can pray for is that she does become exclusive when she is with you . They will be monogamous when they are with you is what they offer.  Every other partner before and after you has to be null & void to her tally .

She has seen videos and been with couple to judge your performance in the bed. She expects you to finish her every single time you make out and have a good enough libido size. What do you think about men ? Are we Duracell battery run Bunny’s who can go all night long . It’s like we men need to give it to you every single time you desire but on the other hand if you had a bad day in office , we need to shag in the shower. Where is equality in that  ? . A Man who is in a good job or has a business at time will be loaded with work . Sometimes , all he wants is an easy sweasy massage or just finish real quick as he feels belonged and just sleep. Do not have this unrealistic expectation to make you go insane all the time you make love.

9) Man’s job to give Compliments after Date –  After a date the duty of the man does not finish . He has

to call or text you to say as how much he enjoyed your company. He has paid for everything and still he needs to say it all . The woman of today believe they are some sort of goddesses and we are just lucky to get their presence.  Do you realize the man might have less but everyone still has an option . He still opted for you and gave you all his time , effort, spent money to make your time special . Even then him not texting is rude and yours is acceptable .  He is suppose to compliment on your dress , notice your hairstyle & shoes and zillion other things . What mind boggling expectation is this ?

Have you ever thought of telling your husband or bf that how happy you are about this dinner. Thanking him for the trip or taking you to meet your friends where he knew nobody.  Treat the man well and do not just take his advantage . Try once to call the man after the date and ask him ,”Have you reached home safe ? . did you had a great time ?”. Man can do that no problem but think of doing it yourself . Have you ever done this …..answer is Probably not .

10) He needs to be Tall  –  Now , I am pretty average height of 5ft 9inches but I have seen girls

demanding partners to be at least 6ft tall . Woman want a guy who is tall but you yourself is 5ft 4inches. How does that work ? . And it’s not just height . He has to be not just tall , but good looking , ambitious and absolutely that prince charming from that preferred disney movie she saw .  Man’s height is not in his control and these are his genetics . On the hand you cannot keep your weight in check which is in your control . If a woman leaves a man who is not at all from the disney movie she is regarded as brave . But if a man says I do not want a woman who is not adjusting , does not listen to me and always thinking about her job and herself then he will be regarded as a coward who fears an independent woman .

Most of the Men of today usually do not have a problem with height or anything of these things if they are in love . But the women have a list of things before they decide to fall in love .

It makes you think as why the demand of so many modern women is just insane from a man. Psychic , mind reader, ambitious, 6ft , dress well , rich , let her do whatever without intervention , etc etc etc are the qualities you want but do not want to give him anything . There are lot more to this list but these are my top 10 findings .

I guess this is the reason why most of the modern beautiful women are successful in careers but are single , miserable and unhappy .

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