Upcoming WhatsApp Features in 2019

WhatsApp has revolutionized the way people communicate. It is the one application you will find in every smartphone out there. Ever since its acquisition by Facebook, the messenger application has improved manifold, constantly adding new features and abilities. True to form, we can expect our beloved messenger to introduce more new functions. Here are some new features we expect to come to WhatsApp in 2019.

Consecutive Voice Messages

The  Consecutive Voice Messages feature will allow users to listen to all consecutive voice messages sent by a contact, automatically in one go. Users need to tap on the play button of the first voice message and WhatsApp will automatically play all the voice messages received consecutively. It is definitely a notable feature bearing resemblance to the linked tweets on Twitter. It was first spotted on WhatsApp beta for iOS (v 2.18.100) and Android Beta version (v 2.18.362).

Dark Mode

All social media apps and work-related apps have introduced Dark colored themes. The advantage of having a dark theme is the reduced strain of the eyes of the user and reduced battery consumption. WhatsApp is soon expected to join Facebook and YouTube, who had implemented Dark Mode in 2018.

Media Preview

The Media Preview feature will allow users to view any media (video, image or audio) directly via their smartphone’s notification tray. Users no longer will need to open the messenger to view the incoming media. Previously, WhatsApp has added the ability to respond to messages directly from the notification tray without unlocking their phone. This nifty feature is sure to be a welcome addition among the massive user base of the messenger application.

Needless to say, WhatsApp has continued to evolve into the behemoth it is today. What started out as a plain and simple message application has now become the go-to communication method for many people across the world. The need to communicate with each other is fundamental for humans. WhatsApp and its competitors will be looking to enhance their methods in order to stay at the top while many new players enter the already busy market and demand attention.

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