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Breathing is a necessity of life, without which a body is lifeless. It is a continuous process that occurs without thoughts or realization.

We breathe in (or inhale) oxygen and breathe out (or exhale) carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the waste material which we release out. Improper breathing can lead to panic, fatigue and even anxiety attacks. And, healthy breathing relaxes your body, keeping it away from any kind of stress or anxiety.

While most of us aren’t aware that there are two types of breathing patterns:
In general people breathe using abdomen, or diaphragm in which you take even breaths. Another pattern is, breathing through chest directly. It usually occurs when we are anxious. This type of breathing can disturb the circulation and breathing cycle, leading to more anxiety and attacks.

However, if you want to overcome stress instantly, all you need to practice is
‘Alternative nostril breathing’.

Vikings actress and yoga teacher, “Maude Hirst,” founder of Energy Rise explains this yogic technique that help lower stress and improve cardiovascular functions.

Here are the steps for alternate nostril breathing exercise:

1-Place your peace fingers on the center of your forehead, your thumb over your right nostril and your fourth finger over your left nostril.

2-Release your thumb and inhale through the right nostril for four to five seconds.

3-Close both nostrils and hold your breath for four seconds

4-Then release the left nostril and exhale slowly.

5-Hold both nostrils and hold your breathe again for four to five seconds.

6-Repeat the exercise for 10-20 rounds

The exercise will help relieve your stress and make you feel better instantly. It will also help improve your concentration power.
However, for long term stress-free lifestyle, you should practice this everyday.

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