Users can now join the Twitter Beta Test Pool

Twitter, since its inception, has been the platform where news spreads like a forest fire. The micro-blogging platform has a conversation-driven approach and the kind of visibility most channels still can’t match. This is what makes Twitter special and this week they made an announcement that will thrill fans to no end. Twitter has a new application process for their beta test pool, which aims to “explore new ways to make the conversations you care about easier to read, understand, and join”.

For the past few months, there has been a buzz about Twitter’s upcoming updates to enhance the conversations on the platform. These updates pertain to conversational prompts, status updates and color-coded replies. One of the features likely to be tested with the beta test pool is the highlighting of replies from people you know to encourage more back and forth between users.

It will be interesting to see what features the beta testers would get access to, though it is highly unlikely any of the advanced tools would be released for testing any time soon. Early indicators suggest the main purpose of the move it to test alternatives which can boost interaction on the platform.

So how do you apply to Twitter Beta Test Pool?

If you’re interested, you can fill in the form at this link. The form asks you which languages you speak, where you’re based and what system you primarily use Twitter on. Twitter will then select participants based on what it’s looking for at this stage of testing.

While it is intriguing to ponder upon the potential features that may be added, it is also noteworthy that Twitter is relatively slow at making major changes on its rules. Its active fan base wants to be a part of the development process. It makes sense in such a scenario to opt for a transparent and collaborative approach. This invariably increases the time it takes to implement major updates.

I am interested to see what Twitter hopes to accomplish with this step; what direction will it take as a result of this experiment. What we can expect in the future is anybody’s guess at this point.

Tell us what you think about this announcement from Twitter in the comments below. Until next time!

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