Vaccination: Pros and Cons

Every parent is responsible for their child’s health and well-being which included from their protection to give vaccine-preventable diseases. The Canadian Paediatric Society requests all children to receive routine vaccinations and annual influenza (flu) vaccine to stay safe. However, if you think not to vaccinate your child you should know the risks as well.

Protecting the child

Infant and childhood vaccines prevent many diseases of a baby like measles, mumps, meningitis, polio etc. These can cause brain swelling, which can lead to brain damage or death, permanent deafness or permanent paralysis as well. However, delaying or refusing these vaccines could put your child’s health and life at risk.

If you choose not to fully vaccinate your child, follow the below steps:

If your child is not well and you call or visit any health care provider, immediately tell them and the doctor that your child is not vaccinated so that they will consider the thing in that way. Even, if your child has a vaccine-preventable disease, you should also tell them.

Tetanus: Vaccination is the best protection

Tetanus is a serious disease caused by germs which are found in the soil. There is no “community protection” against this. It does not spread from child to child though. If your child is not vaccinated enough against tetanus, the child is certainly at risk. However, when your child becomes sick, make sure the doctor knows right away that he or she is not vaccinated.

However, it is good to learn about the possibility of infection which can risk your child’s life in danger. So, keep protection always.

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