Valentine’s Day- Unique Gift ideas

Valentine’s day is approaching and you are clueless about what’s you are going to gift your loved one? Or are you still thinking to gift a card or a chocolate?
Don’t worry, we have curated a list of 7 beautiful and unique gift ideas to make it easier for you.

1- ‘Why I love you’ Diary

Make your partner feel happier by telling them why you love them. Make them feel blessed to have you in their life. All you need to do is : Take a notebook or a diary and fill all the pages with the reasons why you love them. You can write one reason on every page and make a diary of suppose 50 or 100 reasons. This may seem weird to you, but your partner will definitely love it. You can ask them to reach one reason each day or whenever you have a conflict or they feel down. It will definitely remind them of your love and how lucky you feel to have them.

2- Scrapbook recalling memories

This year gift them a scrapbook recalling all the memories you two made throughout the relationship or since you met. If you are little creative, it could be the best gift. But even if you aren’t, don’t worry. You can still make it by simply sticking pictures and writing things that you remember about that time. To make it more memorable, add some screenshots

3- Magnetic Heart Pendant

This could probably be one the most inexpensive and cutest gift you can buy. Keep half of it with you and gift them the other half.  It will always remind you both of each other, and how the heart will attract and stick together. You can easily get it from any online or local gift store.

4- Heart shaped Magic cushion

Heart symbolises love and Valentine’s day. And magic heart is truly an exciting and impressing gift. Get the best picture of you both printed on it and they will be surprised to see the picture through the sequins.
You can order it online or get it made by any local photo studio.

5- A Photo Wallet

What could be a better gift for a guy, other than wallet? And what if the wallet can have a picture of him or you both printed on the top? That could be one of the best gifts you can choose for him.
You can buy it here and save your pocket:


So, Pick Any or Many of these and make this Valentine’s special with a prettier smile on their face brought by these gifts.

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