Valve Launches Steam Link Anywhere (Beta)

Valve Corporation, an American video game developer has released a beta version of Steam Link Anywhere.

As the name suggests this link enables you to stream games from anywhere on your gaming PC. It basically turns your gaming PC into a cloud gaming server. Here is more information regarding this gaming service.

Who is Valve?

Valve Corporation, founded by Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington in 1996, has launched various games that have gain popularity. These include Dota 2, Artifact, Counter Strike, Portal, Day of Defeat, etc.

They have taken a step forward in expanding their Steam Link game-streaming services, which was introduced in the year 2015, by adding the new feature called Steam Link Anywhere.

 Steam Link was a big move for the company as it allowed the users to stream games on their televisions, but they had to be on the same WiFi network as their PC which would be streaming the game. But this new feature will enable the user to stream any game, anywhere, with an internet connection or even through a mobile connection.

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How Steam Link can be Accessed ?

Earlier the steam link was a hardware piece that had to be connected to the TV. But now a simple App called the Steam Link App  is been made available for Android and Raspberry Pi.

User just needs to download the beta build on the gaming PC and the Steam Link app on the device. User also has to make sure that they have a good upload speed in order to host the games with a strong network connection for all the devices.


Note-: This App has not been made available on App store for iOS devices or the Apple TV as of yet.

Steam Link works fine on a local network, especially if you use Ethernet cables between all your devices. With Steam Link Anywhere, your performance will vary depending on your home internet connection.

“If you don’t have a fiber connection at home, the latency might simply be too high to play any game to be downloaded,” says TechCrunch.

Microsoft’s new feature allows users to stream PC games to an Xbox , which is similar to the Steam Link. Also, its new xCloud gaming streaming platform, is designed to work on PC, mobile devices or various other consoles.
Hence, clearly streaming of video games is becoming a booming topic in the gaming industry.

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