Various Denim Brands for 2019 Trends

Denim is something which everyone loves to wear – be it in their daily life or anytime going out. The jeans can be skinny, flared, baggy, or straight-leg and they never go out of style. Here are a couple of denim trends for 2019:

Embroidered Denim

This type denim are very popular in every people.

“As women owners and designers, we are always adding a feminine spin on denim classics. One of our favorite trends is embroidered denim. We took our best-selling Loverboy, a slightly relaxed, higher-rise, cropped, straight silhouette, and updated it with tiny rosebud floral embroidery. The result feels like something truly special, but the vintage wash keeps it feeling a bit tomboy. We love that it’s a balance of masculine and feminine and is surprisingly easy to wear.” — says Amo co-founders Kelly Urban and Misty Zollars.

Low-Slung Straight

This is one of the brands which is pretty popular among the youngsters.

“While we are still loving and wearing high-rise denim, there is something really interesting about denim that sits a bit lower (just above your hip bone) with a classic straight leg. We’re not talking the type of super-low-rise skinnies from the past that you have to buy special underwear for; this is more low-slung than low-rise, and yes, there’s a big difference, in our opinion. Low-slung denim feels more modern and is very flattering as it kind of just sits on your hips and has a bit of ease to the fit. It feels effortless and relaxed, like the type of jeans you could wear all day no matter what you’re doing.” — says Amo co-founders Kelly Urban and Misty Zollars.

Longer High-Rise, Straight-Leg Denim

This one is a bit relaxing and everyone loves to wear it.

“One of our favorite new fits for spring is a long, straight-leg vintage-inspired fit, like our Layla in rigid denim. While we still love the cropped-at-the-ankle look, we are excited to have a longer, un-cropped straight-leg option for spring and are really into our take on this in a beat-up vintage-looking wash.” — shares Amo co-founders Kelly Urban and Misty Zollars.

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