Veganism has recently emerged as a way of eating. Many of us confuse it with vegetarian, but it is infact its next version. To be precise, all vegans are vegetarians but not all vegetarians are vegans. To understand it better, let’s have a look at what is the difference.

Who are vegetarians?
Vegetarians exclude meat, poultry, game, fish and shellfish in their diet. Certain types of vegetarians also exclude eggs, dairy or other animal by-products, and term themselves as pure vegetarians.


Who are vegans?
Vegans are those people who follow this diet avoiding all animal products, including meat, dairy, and eggs. Some people also avoid eating honey. For some, being vegan is a dietary choice, while for others, it is a lifestyle choice. Following veganism, people are avoid all sorts of items that harm animal. For example, belts or bags made of leather. They tend to avoid all animal by products for personal, religious or environmental reasons.

To summarise,
Vegetarians and Vegans differ in their believes. While some vegetarians may consume products derived from animals such as dairy products and fashion accessories, vegans totally avoid these.

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