Venus Transit In Pisces: Affect on Love Life And Relationships for each Zodiac Signs

The transition of celestial bodies and planets can influence or affect our life and relationship based on our zodiac signs.
Venus, the planet of love, has transit in Pisces on February 3 and guess what? Venus and pisces have good harmonising vibes ,


Venus will be in Pisces on this Valentine’s day. This transition may work like magic , and can unite you with your soulmate. Your life may be filled with romance and happiness.

However, the influence of this transit varies from person to person. Based on zodiac sign and birth chart, it may affect your life and relationship.

2- Aries

The transition is really great for you. It will bring immense happiness into your relationship by resolving long-standing conflicts. While, it might also dis-balance your finances by increased travel expenses.

3- Taurus

This transitionwill help you balance your personal and professional life. It will also flourish your relationship as you’ll be able to spend more time with your partner. In career front, your hardwork and efforts will bring you recognition and success.


Your love life may depend on how you use the energy that venus may bring to your life. To overcome all such challenges, you must avoid engaging in arguments.

5- Cancer

It will prove beneficial for married couples and chances of forming a deep and strong bond with your spouse are great. It’s not just love, but your luck will shine too, make sure you put your best.


You may feel disappointed as life  may be affected due to minor arguments in marital life and your efforts won’t get recognition during this transit.

7- Virgo

This period may prove to be beneficial if you keep your talks straight forward and do not expect much from your partner. Happiness and romance will go hand in hand and you can get quality time with your partner.

8- Libra

This transition may bring some challenges in your love life, health, and career. Avoid disagreements with loved ones, take wise decisions at the workplace and eat well. This should see you through the difficult days that might come in your life during the transit.

9- Scorpio

This time will flourish your life. You’ll show up your creative side. And your domestic and love life will turn great. For married couples with children, you’ll get to make a lot of memories together.

10- Sagittarius

This transition may make you luckier. Not just your love life will flourish, but the transmit may also help get you fame and recognition.

11- Capricorn

This time will help you get more time with your domestic life and prove to be great with family and lovers. Professionals will also get rewarded for their workaholic nature.

12- Aquarius

This time will help you Excel with communication skills. You’ll be able to achieve much by true expression of your thoughts, may it be your boss or your lover. It’s the right time to express your love for someone.

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