Victoria Beckham Hits Back at Father-in-Law

Things don’t seem to be all good in the Beckham household off late, with Victoria Beckham in a tiff with her husband David’s dad Ted over Harper and Cruz’s christening.

The celebrity couple has reportedly spent a ton of money on the glamorous event and wouldn’t want anything to go wrong subsequently. It has also been reported from multiple sources that Harper’s alleged godmother Eva Longoria is pictured arriving in London on Friday.

But David’s father, Ted Beckham is annoyed since his partner’s daughter Charlotte has not been invited to the event apparently, and the Beckham couple doesn’t seem to be too keen on inviting here either.

It was reported – ‘Charlotte believes they are a family and should be invited as a unit, in the end Ted asked David if they could bring her.

‘He said he’d speak to Victoria, but he came back and said sorry they couldn’t fit one more in.’

‘The bottom line is Victoria’s mistrust of any outsiders being brought into the fold.’

“In the end Ted asked David if they could bring her. He said he’d speak to Victoria Beckham.

With Guy Ritchie being godfather to Cruz and actress Eva Longoria one of Harper’s godmothers, it is expected to be a star-studded event. Other guests expected to be at the event are Sir Elton John and Liv Tyler.

Earlier this week, Victoria was seen doing holiday shopping for her husband David and the family, and appeared pretty upbeat about the upcoming event.

While Brooklyn and Romeo were baptised back in 2003, the couple seeks to replicate the same for their younger two children as well.

‘Brooklyn and Romeo were christened together when they lived at Beckingham Palace in Hertfordshire, and Vic can’t believe she never got around to the two youngest – and now it’s become a pressing matter, as Cruz is 14 and she’s worried he won’t want to do it when he gets much older.’, she added.

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