Video Streaming Services like Netflix but Better

Netflix is the king on online streaming of video content. Users can find an abundance of TV shows and movies. The popularity of Netflix also stems from the awesome Netflix Originals content available to the subscribers. Netflix has become a household name and everyone’s go-to option.

What can you do if Netflix is bad in your country or worse, blocked?! Sometimes, you just get bored of Netflix and want to try something new. In this situation, you need an alternative. Here’s a list of paid alternatives to Netflix you should check out:

Amazon Prime Video/Instant Video

Amazon Prime Video is rapidly growing with regards to video streaming. It has a bunch of TV shows and movies ranging from classics to recent blockbusters. Amazon’s original content is also gaining popularity among the masses, a good reason to check it out. Amazon Prime Video is priced similar to Netflix and you can take a 30-day free trial before deciding to spend your money.

Amazon Prime Video is available on your desktop/laptop and also on mobile (iOS and Android)

Hulu Plus

Hulu is another popular video streaming service. You can find episodes of all the latest TV shows. Signing up for the Plus option removes the ads which otherwise interferes with your TV watching experience.

Hulu is available on PC, iOS and Android.


Fandor is the best place for indie and foreign movie lovers. You will find all the popular movies but also movies you won’t find anywhere else. The interesting thing about their membership cost is, half the money goes to the rights owners of the film. This helps you contribute towards supporting the indie and foreign film industries.

Fandor is available on your PC.


As a member of SelectTV, you get access to more than a million TV shows, movies, and channels. SelectTV brings you content from major television networks, local channels, and streaming platforms, like Netflix and Amazon. The advantage of this service is the marginal price of $2.99 for which the membership is available.

You get access to more than 400,000 TV episodes, 100,000 plus movies, and over 2000 channels. You should definitely check out this one on your PC (recommended).

Video streaming is the future as more and more people are moving away from traditional TV watching. More and more players will get in the game, the subscribers are sure to be entertained.

These are only some of the alternatives out there. Check them out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Also, let us know your favorite alternative to Netflix.

For a list of free alternatives to Netflix, click here.

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