Vivo’s Exciting Features Of The New NEX 3

Vivo NEX 3, the next smartphone in the NEX series, is set to debut this year; probably in the next few months.  And this phone has been increasing its hype from a long time. The latest to the edition is the Waterfall Curved Glasses along with various other features.

Vivo’s Exciting Features Of The New NEX 3

Following a leak last month of glass panels with extreme curvature; on the 15th of August, 2019, NEX’s product manager Li Xiang, posted a picture of himself of the glass this week on Weibo; and has followed up with sketches of the new device.

As we all know, the Vivo NEX 3 is expected to debut in the next few months and is promising to push the display to the edges. It will be a flagship smartphone offering a new design and circular camera setup.

To recall, Vivo launched the NEX as the first smartphone with a pop-up selfie camera. It was also among the first to feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. It was followed by NEX Dual Display Edition, a phone with display at the front as well as rear. Now, with NEX 3, Vivo is going for a device that literally pushes the display to the edges. The smartphone could also become the first to feature an under-display camera, making it truly ahead of its time.

Vivo’s first NEX was the first phone with a pop-up selfie camera and one of the first with an in-display fingerprint sensor. The second NEX design, the Dual Display Edition, was a technically impressive but occasionally awkward phone that came out late last year. There hasn’t been a new NEX since, and expectations will be raised for Vivo to turn in some characteristically unique hardware soon.

The company has been teasing the smartphone to be the first with waterfall curved screen design. The Chinese smartphone maker is now only ramping up the hype around the device.

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Vivo NEX 3’s waterfall display design –

The sketches shared by Xiang show how the curvature of the glass panel will be more pronounced than any other smartphone. The glass’ edges are expected to have a near 90-degree curvature.

Vivo’s Exciting Features Of The New NEX 3

The overall design aligns with the glass panel unveiled by Oppo last month. While Samsung, Huawei and Oppo offers smartphones with dual curved edges, the NEX 3 could set a new benchmark. It could be the first device where the back glass panel really meets the frontal display. The NEX 3 is being dubbed as the future of smartphone design by the company.

On the back, there is a circular protrusion to house the triple rear camera setup. The circular module is reminiscent of the designs once used by Nokia on its Lumia lineup. Vivo, however, claims that the design is inspired by the circular face of a watch. There is also a lot of reference to water droplet and waterfall translating into the new display design.

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